Any idea about tire wear issue?

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I have a 2005 Chevy Z71 C1500 crew cab. I have recently replaced the front right tire of my favorite car with my spare (brand new OEM Bridgestone tire). I had the front end aligned after having the new tire installed. The tire now looks like chunks are missing or worn. It is intermittent and is not in a regular wear pattern. When I brake the front end feels like it shakes. I pulled the tire off and inspected the brake wear on the rotor and the wear is uneven, Only 60,000 miles on the vehicle. What could be this issue??

Share your knowledge about this issue. I need some reliable information as soon as possible. I guess you will help me on urgent basis.


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  1. John

    Hello there

    As you told me about the tire wear issue, I will try to answer this question, but it is recommended to have someone look at your tire to know for sure what is wrong. You need expert advice but on the same time expert hands to handle the problem.

    But first, I will need more info.

    Tire name, tire style and tire size on both front.

    I know you said there is a Bridgestone tire on. I need to know about both sides. Did you replace any tires? How much trend is left on the tires on the left and right side (10/32, 2/32)?

    Is the truck, 2WD, 4WD, full time 4WD, AWD?

    I wait your reply


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