Problem of tire wear vibration.

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I have a 97 Ford Ranger truck for some days I am feeling a vibration that I believe is coming from the front of my truck at speeds of 65-70mph but not below that. I notice my tires are worn wavy like on the inside tread on both front tires. When I bought the tires I had the front end aligned. I believe this is my second time with this problem in as many sets of tires. What can be the problem with my front? I am looking for some suggestions from experts here. I am really tense about this problem. Please someone tell me the possible problem with my truck so that I can fix it. I would be really thankful for this favor from your side. Thanks in advance for your time.

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    Hello there, I need a little more information from you. What size and kind of tire are you using? Do you have the stock rims on the truck? When you rotate the tires, does the problem go away? I had a 1995 Ranger and put more than 100K miles on it with no problems. I ran stock rims with P225/70R14 inch tires. Stock Firestones then BFGoodrich T/A's, then Michelin tires when I sold it, give all above mentioned information here so that I can help you in this problem of take your truck to a mechanic and tell him the answers of all those questions I have asked above you will find the answer of your problem. Best of luck

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