Tire upgrade on stock rim of Ford 150.

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I have a 1991 Ford F150 4WD with stock wheels and tires(LT 235 75 15) I would like to put 285s on the stock 15" rim somehow. What is the exact sizing I need? If I cant go as big as 285s what is the absolute biggest size I can get without getting new rims?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    There are different rims available but not all can be fitted on the Ford 150. In fact there are different types of rims available in the market and we have to choose the right one. There are now simulator tools which are designed to fit the proper size of your Ford 150 and in this case we do not have to do a lot of guessing to select a proper fit. The simulator generates the proper size and fitting. There are many rims offset which can be misleading. Here we need to be sure that apart from using the simulator we need to be sure that the tyre we are using must first comply with the specifications provided by the company.
    There are different types of styles for the Ford F150. For example Chrome fittings of F150 matches the black 150s. The best fittings for the Ford trucks are of sizes 20 and 22 inches. There are few choices for the 15\" x 8\" or 8.5\" rim. If your truck has the clearances a 31x10.50x15 is going to be the largest tire you can safely mount on the stock rim. The latest Ford F-150 is fitted with Pirelli Scorpion and the tyre specifications are 255/65R17 and 275/55R20.

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