Mixing of old tyres with the new ones.

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I have two all weather tires on the front of my car, and two summer tires on the back. They all have good rubber. Do I have a problem? or Is this a safe driving situation?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Tyres play an important role in regards to the safety of car. First of all you should be aware that you use the tyre of proper specification like what type of size is recommended by the company, you should only use those tyres, it is good for the safety of the car as well as for the safety of yourself. The second thing you need to know is that the condition of all the tyres should be good , if they are too old or they are worn out , then they will get damaged easily and also they will cause a problem while driving so keep an eye on their condition. This is very important if you feel that they are now ready to get replaced, replace them immediately without any further delay. The last thing that you have mentioned is another important one which is that try to use the same type of tyres with the same condition. It is also beneficial rather than using old tyre with the new one.
    The safest thing of all is to have 4 new tires of the same type. So anything other than that is less safe. I can't really tell if the positioning of these tires is a problem or not, except to say, that 1) it is better to have the higher speed rated tires on the rear, 2) it is better to have the least worn tires on the rear, 3) It is better to have the summer tires on the rear.

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