Comparison between junk yard and new rims.

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I have a 99 Toyota sienna van that one of the steel rims and it is out of round causing a vibration and must have hit pothole. I have two choices to buy new rims one is in junk yard for 25 to 45 $ vs. dealer new $125. What would you go with the junk yard rim or the new one from dealer? I am seriously looking for some expert opinion on this. Do you have ever experienced the junk yard rims vs. the dealer new rims? Why would you go for one of them? Can someone provide me any good suggestion here? I would really appreciate the help. Thank you in advance for the time.

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    Hello there, I would go for the Junkyard ones reason being is auto Recycling Center parts are the cheapest stuff when durability is probably not an issue! That means wheels, axles, and driveshaft. Not water pumps, alternators.

    But what I would do is go down there and make sure they will trade for another if it turns out to be out of round. Then I would have a dial indicator put on it to make sure it is OK. About 0.015" run out - peak to peak - would be good. If you can find a guy with a Hunter GSP9700, so much the better, then you want a run out of 0.010” This is what I would suggest for you. Rest you can make the choice now. Hope my answer will help you. Best of luck


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