Can you help me regarding tire compatibility issue?

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My wife had a flat tire on our Chevy Prizm. It was Friday afternoon. I took off the tire and put on the temporary spare. I took the tire to a tire store to get repaired while we went to eat dinner. I came back to find out that they could not repair the tire. Then I priced out a new one. I bought a new tire, and I went home to put it on. Only then did I realize that the one they sold me was a 175/65R1482S. The other three still on the car were 185/60R1482H tires. Do I need to be concerned about safety, rotating, overall compatibility.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    From where I see there is not a great deal of issue about the size you are telling me, although it is advisable that all of the tyres should be same but as your one tyre is little bit different from the other one, it means your one tyre is little small in size especially if you talk about the area surface contacting the ground and the width of the tyre. Better is you replace 175 with the 185 so that the level of all the tyres should be the same.
    You have two problems here.

    1- The tire sold to you is smaller.

    2- Your speed rating is a lot lower, and is very unsafe. Note: Tire dealers can not sell a lower speed rating, must be the same or higher.

    This new tire is very unsafe and will mess up the axle, braking, handling, steering and more.

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