Tire and wheel size.

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I own a 2003 chevy S-10 2wd pickup with 205/75-15 tires on 15/7 factory wheels. I would like to change to 235/60-16 tires on 16/8 factory wheels. Will the wider tires and larger rims cause any steering/wheel well problems with the standard truck suspension. Can you help me with this? I would really appreciate the favor.

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  1. johnmatt

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  2. Guest23295924

    In answering your question, that combo should fit I believe. But, you may rub the wheel well in very tight turns it will be close, which in my opinion is not a big deal if you know it is going to do it because I have oversized tires on my Nissan truck, so I just do not make tight turns. In off road vehicles like trucks and jeeps you can put the large sized tires but do check the height of your suspension before going for an alternate tire size. I have been dealing with trucks and jeeps and never found any big issue with big tire size. If you want to put an extra large size then you must replace the suspension accordingly. A friend of mine had a Toyota Land cruiser; he also replaced the tire on my opinion and never had any problem with the tire size. You would not face any big problem just be care full in tight turns. Hope this would help you in your query.

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