tiny little bugs from the shower drain

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tiny little bugs from the shower drain. This got to be the worst thing can happen to anyone. I can't believe how these tiny little bugs can mess up your entire life. Every time i step in to the shower i see whole bunch of bugs congregating around the shower drain each time i investigate. They are so stubborn and are not afraid at all. Even if i go close to them they don't jump or fly away. They are brown in color and are about the size of pencil tip.

I have tried my best in every way possible, i have killed them time and time again but they come back... i tried all kinds of methods to get rid of these tiny bugs, poured hot water, vinegar, straight bleach, amonia, draino, tilex, and ant killer down the drain. This only gets rid of these tiny life disturbers for the duration of the shower but these little buggers are back within hours. They are definitely NOT fleas and they have no plan of going anywhere. can someone please help.

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  1. Jon Mani

    there are so many different types of Insects it is very hard to tell what you are dealing with unless looking at it myself. I would say, you need an expert to know what these pests are first before you find a remedy to deal with them permanently.

    Grab few of these little buggers and take them to a pest management expert so they can be identified. Once you know what you are dealing with, its only than you will be able to get rid of them for good.I feel for you though, i don't like any uninvited guests in my house.

  2. christmas
    They could be silverfish, a silver coloured insect found in moist, damp places, such as in the washroom and under the kitchen sink. Follow the link below to Wikipedia for a picture of the silverfish.
  3. Guest20409432
    drain flies ot otherwise know as moth flies.

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