tiny holes in tomato leaves

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what causes the tiny holes in tomato leaves? I have not found an insect unless it is too small to see. the holes are approx. .4mm to 1mm. the plants have been in ground 1 week. I do organic gardening and have been in this location for 14 yrs and don't remember seeing these holes in tomatoes bedore.

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  1. Sash

     As tomatoes are vegetables that are full of nutrients therefore they are frequently attacked by beet leafhoppers, fleas, and termites.
    The holes that you see in tomato leaves but the tomatoes are unharmed is a result of flea beetles which are very tiny, black beetles that jump like fleas and make very tiny holes in the leaves but cause no other harm to the plant, but leave the leaf look as though it had been "blasted" with fine shot. Aphids and whiteflies may also be the cause of the holes as they almost always hide on the undersides of tomato leaves. The 3-4 inch caterpillars, or hornworms, also devour the foliage near the top of the plant.

  2. Mitchel

    Main reason for tiny holes in tomatoe leaves are Flea Beetles. If you find chewed holes in  tomatoe leaves, possible reason for this is tomatoe hornworms. There are many pesticides available in the market that, can cure tomatoe problems. If you want to overcome tomatoe related issues its better to use Actinovate, which is a biological fungicide.

  3. Guest18573090
    they are probably insects. i would recommend you check out this guide it has solutions to almost all tomato problems. or it might be because you planted at the wrong time.

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