tiny black bug by kitchen sink

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tiny black bug by kitchen sink. i have read lots of different online posts but coming up empty in finding a problem that is similar to ours or a solution for it. our kitchen has been taken over by these ugly creatures.  I first noticed these very small, hard, flat, black bugs beside my kitchen sink about a month ago.  They almost remind me of the seeds you see on a strawberry (only black).  I can't seem to squish them,kill them, bleach them, spray them.  only way to remove these bugs are by picking them up and through them our to flushing them down the toilet. i would love to find out how they appear, or where they come from and or why they come. Are these bugs coming due to food or something wrong in my house. help me remove these tiny kitchen bugs and i'll do anything for you.

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  1. Bill Strauss

    I've tried using apple cider vinegar with small amount of dish-washing liquid and it worked. Bugs just disappeared forever. If this fails in your case, try putting out orange juice (as bugs love it) mixed with borax that will prevent them from breeding and eventually kills all.

    I got this idea from:

  2. Guest22457553

    My mother in law has something similar.  She first noticed them on her white kitchen surfaces.  That was about a year ago.  She has had several exterminator companies out and all say that whatever they are, they are dead.  Problem is...they still reappear every time she cleans them up - so how can they all be dead?  How are they getting there?  Now she is finding them everywhere, even around her eyes when she wakes up in the morning!  This is starting to make her crazy - anyone have an answer or someone we can get to find an answer? 

  3. Guest20608274
    Got them to tiny black bugs around toilet and bathtub they like water...what our they had a pest guy out he didn't know and he sprayed still see them
  4. Guest10214404
    I have exactly the same kind and they've been here for about 3 weeks! They are too tiny to see legs, they seem to appear and move very slowly. Can't be easily squashed. There may be more than you think - I've started spraying them with poison, wiping them up, and an hour later the same number is somewhere else on the kitchen floor. They seem to me to be looking for water (we have been very dry) as I sometimes find them all the way in the sink and even in a toilet. Wish we knew what they are and how to get rid of them.
  5. Guest10020123
    I have them as well, im trying to figure out what they are and how to get rid of them.

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