throttle spped on echo hedge trimmer

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My echo hedge trimmer doesn't hold its full speed at full throttle.It runs good for a little while, then its like its starving for fuel. When I let the throttle go and accelerate again, it goes to full throttle speed,but then again starves or loses throttle speed. What could it be? thanks

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  1. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, For professionals and discerning homeowners who demand performance, ECHO Hedge Trimmers deliver. Available in single-sided and double-sided blade configurations, as well shafted models, ECHO Hedge Trimmers are tough, reliable and loaded with intelligent features like: a throttle lock-out to help prevent accidental blade engagement, commercial-grade gear cases and cutting blades for the heaviest applications, and vibration-reducing engine mounts and padded handles for operator comfort. Every double-sided blade hedge trimmer uses ECHO-exclusive RazorEdge™ blades, which are laser cut and precision ground for long-lasting sharpness.

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