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I saw an old movie when I was little I can remember it vaguely it is about an undercover spy cop figuring out a murder and addressing the camera much I remember he falls in love and witnesses a murder or partakes in one at a phone box?

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  1. John

    Hi Timmy

    I wish I could clear your thoughts about the movie title. I do not think I can give you a definite answer about the title of this film, from what you have described. If I knew about what year(s) the film was made, or any of the actors, I might have a clue. I wish it could help you out and you get the idea about the movie.

    I think there may have been a number of \"cop\" movies where the main character addresses the camera, and I recall one from the '40s, called \"Lady in the Lake\", where the main character, a \"private eye\" narrates the film...but is never seen, except in a mirror for a minute. (YOU, the audience see everything through his eyes.)

    The movie is a directorial debut of world famous actor Robert Montgomery who also starred in the same film. It was an adaptation of the 1944 Raymond Chandler novel The Lady in the Lake. The movie was a big success. The movie revolves around the conventional murder and a mystery. The movie was overall seen by the central character.

    Perhaps one of the other \"experts\" will be able to help you with this one.


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