the summary of prince bantugan

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the summary of prince bantugan

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  1. Guest28112329

     Well i really don't understand the story.Could you make it clearer.

  2. Guest24007311



  3. Guest23963407

     what is the setting of the good prince bantugan?

  4. Guest23958674

     kalabaw ulit c ohm vincent anog!

  5. Guest22533097

    the fesnf

  6. Guest22368998

    The story has few mistakes in summarizing the epic of the Subject.

  7. Guest22345884

    what character traits bantugan make an epic hero?

  8. Guest21828035

    pinakasalan niya lahat ng babae sa ibat-ibang lupain.


  9. Guest21682885

    i want the story!!!!!

  10. Guest11933676
    the story is beutiful and jik; thk this story
  11. Fareeha
    Bantugan is an epic story told in the great oral tradition of the Maranao tribe. It is a story about the great Prince Bantugan, the greatest warrior of the kingdom of Bantugan. In the play, Bantugan, after courting the beautiful but evil sorceress of Bambalay Anonan, Maginar , decides to return home to Bumbaran. Upon his return he finds out that his brother and king of Bumbaran, Agaanon Dalinan, driven by his jealousy over the prince warrior's fame, has ordered out a proclamation which forbids all the people of Bumbaran from speaking to him. Deeply saddened, Prince Bantugan departs from his beloved land. While traveling, he is accidentally placed under a spell by the vengeful Maginar. He falls lifeless in the Land-Between-Two-Seas where the beautiful Princess Datimbang finds him. The question of the corpse's identity puzzles everyone until Bantugan's faithful parrot, who has been looking for him, finds him in his lifeless state. Fearing that the kingdom might be held responsible for the great warrior's death, the king of the Land-Between-Two-Seas decides to ship Bantugan's body back to Bumbaran. He sends out a parrot in advance to tell of the prince's fate. The news of his death quickly spreads, reaching the ears of Miskoyaw, Bantugan's mortal enemy, who decides to finally invade Bumbaran. Meanwhile, Prince Madali and Prince Mabaning of Bumbaran, loyal friends of the great prince, upon hearing the sad news, decide to go to the heavens to retrieve Bantugan's soul from the Angel of the Death. Prince Mabaning, posed as a young beautiful woman, seduces the Angel of Death into telling him where he keeps all the souls of the dead, including that of the dead prince. Successful with the bottle of Bantugan's soul in hand, the two princes race back to Bumbaran just in time fro Bantugan's funeral. They open the bottle and almost instantaneously, and much to the amazement of those present, Bantugan awakes from his lifeless slumber. Mourning quickly turns into celebration as everyone greets Bantugan's return to the land of the living, including his brother, the king, who asks for his forgiveness . Bantugan is also greeted by Princess Datimbang, who he vaguely remembers as the beautiful woman who treated him kindly before his death. Their eyes meet, and Bantugan quickly falls in love. But amidst the celebration, Miskoyaw enters with his evil cohorts. Seeing Bantugan well and alive, he orders his soldiers to attack. Bantugan soon takes care of the odds and faces Miskoyaw. They do battle. When the dust clears, Bantugan appears victorious standing over Miskoyaw's corpse. And peace rules over the kingdom of Bumbaran...

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