Can magma solidify in the earth core?

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I was wondering is it possible that magma in the earth cool off leading to solidification. I know the reason for it’s being in liquid form, because the earth’s crust acts as an insulator. It provides ample amount of heat and protection to magma, which prevents it from freezing. But I doubt the efficiency of earth’s crust; I believe it cannot assure 100% insulation to the magma underneath it. Please help me know, the authentic details regarding this issue.

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  1. Mitchel

    Well, it’s a mind boggling question, for a person who is unaware with the concept of molten magma in the earth’s core can never digest these tricky concepts. I guess you have a good deal of prior knowledge regarding magma found in the earth’s core. But for my general reader, and just for refreshing your prior knowledge, I would first define the term magma. Geologist defines magma, as the molten rocks that is found in the depth of the Earth. This molten mass of rocks is composed of liquids, gases, rocks and crystals particles. Earth's mantle, produces and generates magma, earth’s mantle is present between the thick layer of Earth's crust and the outer core.
    So, earth’s crust is not a fragile crust as its name indicates. It is a thick layer and even the rocks that are present in the depth of the crust are of hot, soft, and pliable, nature. Interesting fact to know is that these solid rocks only lose their solid form and transform in to liquid once they reach the depths of upper mantle. So, dear stop worrying about solidification of magma, as the earth’s crust is not that fragile, and crusty that it will stop providing insulation to the magma.


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