the big break

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I do not think Hollywood is ready for me. But to be sure I would like to give it a try. What do you suggest for someone that is pretty sure they will be a smash but is before even just starting out?

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  1. John

    Good Question.

    Assuming you have an agent and some experience in film, whether minor, or major, I think you should give it a shot. But lets not shoot in the dark. Lets get some information on this. Every actor starts out with a hit or miss sort of beginning. No not hit or miss for their whole career, just for their first project.

    Take Tom Cruise for example. Tom Cruise's first film project was \"Endless Love\" (1981). He had a relatively small part, and, like you, was even before just starting out. Of course you should give it a try. Make sure you are getting a lot of auditions, as many as possible. Some actors have auditions every day of the week in some months. But do not worry about that, start out at whatever is comfortable with you. Maybe 3 a week or something. If your agent is not getting enough auditions for you, talk to them about that, it is their job to get you auditions, to give you advice.

    In the end, it is mostly up to you. You say you are pretty sure that you will be a smash hit. You should be SURE you are going to be a smash hit. If you want to be big, if you think you will do a good job and get that major role, you probably will. And even if you do not get the part, that is ok, try again. There is no part for every actor. Start out small. If you go to and look at any actor's profile, you will see that they ALL started out small. Small roles and if not small roles then small films. Actors are like plants, they start out small, and they grow. Remember, it is mostly up to YOU to get the part.

    Hope this answered your question, if not, please let me know.

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