Details about the Four Masks.

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Could you pelase explain to me the characters Arlechino, Colomina, Pedrolino, Il Capitano, and Scapino. If you any knowledge of these characters. If you could please send it to me and if you do not if you could just e-mail me and tell me you have no idea lol thank you very much.

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    The first four are stock characters in the Comedian dell'arte preformed by traveling companies in Italy from the time of the Renaissance until the 18th century. All the characters wore masks with the usual exception of the Inamorati (the lovers).

    Arlecchino (harlequin) was created by Tristano Martinelli as the witty servant. Clownish, and ribald, he leaps into the air, dances, walks on stilts, tumbles, makes love to an Inamorata, strikes a pose, or plays extravagant tricks. Originally he wore patches but these became blue, red, and green triangles joined with yellow braid. Eventually these became diamonds. The best known of the Comedia characters.

    Columbian was a maidservant often paired in love matches with Arlecchino, Pedrolino or the Captiano. While the Comedian never quite succeeded in the British Isles, she, along with Harlequin, became one of the primary figures in the English pantomime, the harlequinade

    Pedrolino (Pierrot) Stupid but honest this winsome character was often the victim of his fellow comedians; pranks. Survives in the French pantomime as Pierrot,

    Il Capitano (Scaramouche) A braggart Spanish soldier always boasting of his exploits while always running away from danger.

    The French playwright Moliere became fascinated by the Comedian dell'Artie and the result was Scapin a earthy slapstick comedy unlike the French farces of the time. Scapin being a zany servant.

    The most popular recent version of this is Scapino by Frank Dunlop and Jim Dale.

    Hope this answers your question


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