the 3 components of NSTP

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1. ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps. ) is a program institutionalized under Sections
38 and 39 of Republic Act No. 7077 designed to provide military training to tertiary level students
in order to motivate, train, organize and mobilize them for national defense preparedness.

2. CWTS (Civic Welfare Training Service.)refers to programs of activities contributory to the
general welfare and the betterment of life for the members of the community or the enhancement
of its facilities, especially those devoted to improving health, education, environment,
entrepreneurship, safety, recreation and morals of the citizenry.

3. LTS (Literacy Training Service.) is a program designed to train students to become teachers
of literacy and numeracy skills to school children, out of school youth, and other segments of
society in need of their service.

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