the 2 white discs on our bugaboo cameleon get stuck

by bruce hertogs  |  10 years, 2 month(s) ago

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when we change the seat position the seat does not lock into place because the white discs don't spring back into place

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  1. Guest28035038

    Thanks Jesse and Ed, it fixed it just right. took me more than 30min but I don't care.

    I got the Bugaboo Frog from my system after 3 kids and 6 years.

    I googled for the parts replacements and found this. WOW, thanks

    Carmel, Israel.

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  3. Guest27895351

     Genius!!! Thank you so much.. i had almost consigned my beloved Bugaboo to the scrap heap..... 

  4. Guest27864824

     Worked perfectly for us! Removal, bit of dremel action, reassemble and voila!

    Reported this problem to Bugaboo as it is a potential safety concern. If a parent didn't realise that the buttons hadn't popped out, a baby could fall out of the carrycot.

  5. Guest27828214

    Worked! Thanks, Jesse!!


  6. Guest25014089

     Great solution, have just done this little operation on our Cameleon and it now works perfectly. Saves me buying a new frame! 

    Thanks v much 

  7. Guest24998385

    Great piece of advice Guest15016328 and "ed". Thanks for your help. Worked a charm.

  8. lyls68


  9. Guest24926295

     Great Advice Jesse!!! It worked. I originally found a replacement parts for £35 but hesitated to buy them. Today on my lunch break I went to local supermarket and bought a piece of sanding paper for £1 and did the job in 5 minutes and, ... it worked!!! :)

    Thanks again.


  10. Guest24829547

    Thanks for the advice, it worked like a charm, and the buttons pop out properly again now. thanks Nicola

  11. Guest24783742

     I have disassembled my white buttons, but cannot put them all back together properly. Can someone help please? The white button seems to slide into the casing well, but when I try and put the back bit on (the larger, long bit with the large white square button) I just cant work it out!

  12. Guest23335901

    Thank you worked for us:)

  13. Guest23235784

    Used the sandpaper and it worked a charm.  This was the easiest fix ever.  Happy days!

  14. ed

    Excellent fix - takes half an hour (max) and not at all difficult.  Instructions already posted are great, some more tips that may help:

    - Suggest taking one side apart first, so you always have a complete one to check against when putting it back together. 

    - To get the white plastic discs off, I used three small (not sharp :-) butter knives.  One each to hold the little white tabs back so they don't pop back as you do the others.

    - Before re-assembling, check the white discs fit and move easily when back in the plastic casing.  Spin them round in their housing to find any bits that are still catching.

    - We needed to use reasonably coarse sandpaper to take off enough to get it working again. 

    Many thanks to whoever posted this fix - it's a great help! 

  15. Guest21966414

    This worked perfectly for me, too. Thanks! One thing to note: when I put it back together, only one of the two worked at first. Turns out I had put some of the interior pieces that house the spring on the wrong way, in which case the spring couldn't push the button out. So as you take things apart be careful to observe exactly how they go back together.

  16. Guest21666742

     Thanks for the clear instructions Guest15016328 . I tried it and fixed our cameleon in 30 minutes!

  17. Guest19896516
    Thanks to Jesse, we just fixed it today following her advise. It really works. Thanks. Sara (Slovakia).
  18. Guest18272348
    Same problem. i tried to sand the discs down but this made no difference. i phoned bugaboo and they sent replacement buttons and housing (free! and its way out of warranty) but...same problem It appears that something is not pushing the buttons out when you tighten the screws up
  19. Guest15016328
    We had this same problem and I just fixed it today. What is happening is either the white plastic buttons expand with time (highly unlikely) or the black plastic housings shrink with time (more likely). To fix it yourself, you need to disassemble the buttons, which can be done with two screwdrivers, and sand down the edges of the white buttons to make them slightly smaller. Here's the process: 1. Behind the white button is a s***w. Remove it using a phillips screwdriver. 2. You'll now have a black housing with a white button in it, held in by three white tabs. 3. Free the white button from the housing by pressing inwards on each of the three tabs in turn. 4. You'll now have a black base, a black surround (where the button sits), a spring and a white button. 5. Sand the circumference of the white button evenly until it slips easily in and out of the black surround. 6. Reassemble and repeat for the other side. Good luck, Jesse.
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