Why temp light on 86 FWD fleetwood goes on?

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I have an 86 FWD fleetwood.  Occasionally the temp light comes on, after stopping or idling, never while driving..  I checked the fans, both are off when this occurs.  Cadillac dealer says it the fan control module and that the relay is working OK and the fans are OK but I'm taking their word for it.  First they wanted to replace the radiator, then when I cornered them on the error in that thinking, they came up with this idea.  They want over $400 for this repair.  I am reluctant to go ahead with it based on their track record so far.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  When the light comes on, I can shut the car off and restart it and the light stays off.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    You have consulted a technician and as he said that there is nothing wrong with the engine as the fans are operating properly and in fact the engine is cold.You can consult a different technician for the second opinion and if he says that the temperature of the car is ok then you can become sure that the status of light is faulty.

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