tamil nadu employment exchange seniority list for pharmacist vacancy

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tamil nadu employment exchange seniority list for pharmacist vacancy

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  1. Guest28077073

     i want current state seneority list


  2. Guest22793585

    I dont want any seniority list,

     i have capability to run my life without goverment job,

    My husband earn decent salary, i dont worry

  3. Guest22751037

    i am sumathi , i want dingigul district seniority list

  4. Guest22695932

     Dear sir/madem,

    I am manimala. I want tamil nadu seniority list of pharmacist & need search for the website of pharmacist seniority list

  5. Guest22657314


  6. Guest22657194

    Dear Sir/Madam,  I have registered my diploma in pharmacy held 1997. Pharmacy council certificate no. 22010 A2 . Thanjavur employment exchange no.320/09 / date 6-2-2009, what is my seniority postion.

    Thanks& Regards

    B.Arul Mozhi selvan

  7. Guest22487177

     I Want tamil nadu state recent seniority list 

  8. Guest22444609

    tn seniority list pharmcist

  9. Guest22131039


    Iist the state seniorty

  10. Guest21580528
    Dear Sir/Madam I have registered my pharmacy in diploma held 1998 what is the seniority possition now. Thanks&Regards Sangeetha
  11. Guest21307276
  12. Guest21166815
  13. Guest20558071
    i want see the pukkottai distric seniority of pharmacist in employment
  14. Guest20048929
    I am jeyasudha I register my in the employment in the year of 2009. My registeration no is WPE\2387\99.
  15. Guest19980411
    i want my state seniority?
  16. Guest19161215
    state seniority list of tamilnadu 2010
  17. Guest18992967
    i need a website for search a seniority list of pharmacist,
  18. Guest18767929
    yours jobs will get for you dont afraid please....if you are qualified for it then wait for an moment ,your postman will bring it for between this(meantime) do good thing for india to find the truth of your birth because then after if you mets the postman you are going to find the truth of your family...
  19. Guest18720361
    i need pharmacist seniority list releases website
  20. Guest18697466
    The government posting seniority list for pharmacist
  21. Guest18620469
    krishnakurmari A
  22. Guest18614261
    tamil nadu employment exchange seniority list for pharmacist vacancy
  23. Guest18206174
    pharmacist employment seniority list at ramanathapuram district
  24. Guest17883766
    list the state seniority
  25. Guest17504343
    I am Priya I register my in the employment in the date of 6-9-2000. My registeration no is WPE\9997\2K.
  26. Guest17503203
    seniority list pharmacist

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