tamil nadu employment exchange renewal

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hom to see renewal

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  1. Guest28081939

     hello sir,   i have  register empoloyment card  registration date;15/7/1998 registration no;4829/98  pukkottai  dist  (R.GUNASEKARAN)NEXT  RENEVAL DATE 2004 /7pls  reneval to me  sir up  to  current  year

  2. Guest25131509

    sir i want know the procedure of renewal through online please guide me ,                       name;D.Jothilingam,dob ; 10.06.1976,                                                                               register date;24.11.2000,                                       registrationno;11006/2000,                                                                                                                    vocationalcodeno;X01.15,                                                                                                             mail id ;jothi061976 at :                                                                                           mobile no :09633129682                                                                                                     To  ,District employment office,                                                                                                                                       cuddalore-607001 .                                                                                                                                                                              

  3. Guest25007291

    My name is chandrasekaran.  How to renew my employment card? . iam a diploma holder. i registered my diploma in erode district employment exchange.

  4. Guest23768050

    I want to renew my registration. My register number is T/306/2008    and my license registration number is 98660  My date of birth is 06/12/1984.  my last date for renewal is feb 2011.  I want to renew through online. I cant find out my login or dont know how to renew so guide me for my renewal

  5. Guest23322012


         i would like to renew my employment card how to start. please guide me. thanking you.


  6. Guest23105276

    sir i belong to tuticorin , i want to renewal my employment card in online, what is the procedure to do that?

  7. Guest22695726

    name-v.sumathi,registration no-2006f01923, :28.4.2006,caste-opencompetition,,n.c.o-x0140-28/4/2006.i gave the renewal letter ,but there is no response.kindly guide me how to get the renewal card

  8. Guest22590261

    visit below link

  9. Guest22588070

    my renewal date is expired before 3 months..Can you tell me what can i don now?

  10. Guest22566432

    Hello Sir,   My name:T.M.Mavalavan, Date of birth:30-05-1973, Register date:19-08-1997, Register No:F/13063/97, Vocational code no:X01.10,  Renewal date:Dec.2009, and then i was forgot my renewal, now i will do renewal my empolyment card by online or i will come employment office in chennai (santhoam) could you pls. guide us regarding this, and then sent to me by e-mail or SMS following below my e-mail addres & cell no. My e-mail My cell No:09650497860. Awaiting your reply. 

    Thanking you sir.       with, T.M.Mavalavan             

  11. Guest22163818

    I registered  28/03/2002 -  # 2002F04682. My registeration  is already expired. I want renew again. if any chance  reply me



  12. Guest21889009

    sir, my renewal date is expired just 4 months,what can i do ,pls guide me

  13. Guest21868443

     Name:N.Santham, Register Date:29/06/1998, Register No:2473/98, Renual Date:JUNE/2010, Please  Renual My  number, ONLINE  Employment Exchange. Please Reply to Me.

    Thank You Sir


    Ramanathapuram District Employment  Office.

  14. Guest21868443

     Name:N.Santham, Register Date:29/06/1998, Register No:2473/98, Renual Date:JUNE/2010, Please  Renual My  number, ONLINE  Employment Exchange. Please Reply to Me.

    Thank You Sir


    Ramanathapuram District Employment  Office.

  15. Guest21868443

    Name;N.Santham, Register Date:29/06/98,Regd.No:2473/98,  Renual Date:June/2010.   Please Renual   My number ONLINE RENUAL.Please Reply to Me.

    Thank You sir.


       District Employment Exchange, Ramanathapuram.


  16. Guest21125390
    Name;m.revingston egarshal Registration No;15/98/96 Registration Date;3.07.2002 Renwal Date;19/10/2010 My address; m.revingston egarshal, 1/300,y.m.c.a street, meignanapuram post:628210 tuticorion dist
  17. Guest21094243
    i am a professional graduate.i have registered and have to renewal in june 2006 but i did not. shall i renewal now.
  18. Guest20755378
    Name;r.nagaraj date of birth;13.9.1982 Registration No;7378|2004 Registration Date;13.9.04 caste;SC N.C.O;541.20 Renwal Date;septemper2010 My address; r.nagaraj 12/258,mvk street, west palladam, palladam641664 thruppur(DT)
  19. Guest20650867
    i have completed degree in 2001. my last date of renewal is june 2004. i forgot to renewal at the date.can i renewal it now or i have to register it for new?
  20. Guest20014672
    sir/madam we have registered our employement in dindugul.but at present we are in vellore. my renewal date is june me how to renew through online
  21. Guest19442530
    Four years before I completed my P.G. Degree. Can I register my certificates.
  22. Guest19213845
    Name; ;V.Raja, Date of birth ;10.03.1974. Register date ;25.05.1994. Register No ;2410/94. Vocational no ;156.20 Reniwel date ;march 2007. My Address R.vaithiyanathan,vadampokki street, Thirukkannamangai post, Thiruvarur.District,pin 610104.
  23. Guest16686437
  24. Guest16116401
    terms & conditions for employment renewal in tamilnadu
  25. Guest14731460
    i renewd my employment card by online. but while registering my m.phil, in madurai office they not entered in computer and submitted all documents they asked. will it affect my seniority? pl. answer.

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