talumpati ni pangilong cory aquino

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pinakamaikling talumpati ni cory aquino




  1. Guest28123015

     .. bayT ganun ?? 


    .. wLa nmang kwent ? wLang laman ! i can't understand !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  2. Guest24997697

    oo nga parang wla namang sinabi eh.


  3. Guest22843895

    ...hahay,,,wag na kayong mg.rereact...soh dat menz he/she didnt know about her/his speech..!!!

  4. Guest22813204

     what kind of speech is that??? i'm so interested to the history of the philippines.... this research has no importance! it did'nt have any explanation! this website obstructs the good future of the philippines!! it distructs me so much!! the one who make this is so crazy!

  5. Guest22590453

    anu to ?? dba dpat pangulo nde pangilong .

  6. Guest22551272

    gago ano yan walang kwenta


  7. Guest22362067

    potangina mo gago ka pak u b***h

  8. Guest20498191
    anung klaseng talumpti yan ala aqong naintidhan
  9. Guest10833673

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