Tallest tire I can fit on my truck?

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I need some information on tallest tires, which I can fit into my car easily. You said that you worked at a tire place. And as a matter of fact most shops around here would not help unless you are buying the tires there and half of them insist that you cannot go larger than optional.. I hope you can help me in this regard.
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  1. Guest27867349

    Yes you can fit tallest tires for your truck easily. Taller tires increase ground clearance which help for off road trucks but you can take steps to negate the tire change's negative effects while enhancing the positive. Installing larger tires results in a decrease in "effective" gear ratio, causing the engine to run at a lower RPM for a given ground speed.


  2. johnmatt

    Which type of tires fites on your truck is only decide anyone when he see the truck and its all features means its depend on what type of truck you have.I think only a good truck professional can help you a lot in this matter.

  3. John


    I am happy to give you some reliable information reading tallest tires for your car.

    I have checked my some other sources as well, where I could find some reliable information related to this topic, and I come to know that if it is a regular cab the highest you can go is, 245/75R16 50F/50R psi. If it is an extended cab you can only use 245/75R16 50F/50R psi. That is sad to hear about your local dealers, I always offered advice, then again I was the Supervisor. If you fill you need a larger tire, you will need a lift kit.

    I recommend you to consult your nearest car dealer and make an assessment before any experiment with your car. Similarly you can check your book or manual to have a better understanding about this experiment. It is better to make a good assessment.

    I hope you have got enough information related to tallest tires for your vehicles. But make sure you find the appropriate model otherwise it will be dangerous for your car.


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