summary of Plighted word by narciso g. reyes

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can u please give me a summary of this Plighted Word by Narciso G. Reyes?




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    Flora, the daughter of Damian and Sima has been engaged to be married to Marcos. Marcos is the nephew of Don Luis, who owned half the province and two or three towns in the next one which means that their family is rich. Damian really wants Flora to be married to Marcos because of the wealth and nearly perfect life that they can experience but Flora loves someone else who is Tonio. Tonio is a guerrila who fights with the Japanese troops. Damian does not want a guerrila like Tonio for his daughter. Sima and Pastor are feeling sorry for Flora because in that time a child can not do anything but obey. Flora wanted to tell Tonio about her engagement to Marcos which will be exactly a week from that day. So when Sima asked Pastor to go to San Anton to buy a pina cloth, Flora asked him to give Guadalupe a message. Guadalupe is Flora's closest friend and is Tonio's cousin. The message was to let Tonio consider Flora as one who is dead and to forget her as if he had never known her. When Tonio received the message, he went to Flora's house even though the Japanese troops are in the way. He arrived at Flora's house wounded after almost 3 days of travelling and hiding from the Japanese troops. He came too late. Don Luis and Damian already had an agreement about the marriage of Flora and Marcos. Tonio called Flora's name three times but she is not replying so Tonio left Flora's house heart broken. Eventhough it hurts Flora, she still chose to obey her father than to follow her heart. 3 Would you rather choose to obey your parent's will or to follow your heart? In this story, Plighted Word, the protagonist who is Flora, chose to obey her father's will to marry Marcos than to follow her heart and marry Tonio. A particular literary element used in this story is conflict. Conflict can be with another man, with nature, with society and within one's self. In this story, Flora had conflict with her father. There was a part in the story where they were eating supper and Damian asked Flora of her age. Flora said she will be turning 19 then Damian said “A good age to get married. Not too young, not too old.” Flora replied, “Im not so desirous of getting married.” Then Damian pushed back his empty plate showing that he is irritated by Flora's reply. Flora is also having conflicts within her because she really loves Tonio but she should not disobey her father. This made her say to her mother, “I wish I were dead” and “Death would be sweeter.”

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