summarization of faith, love and time and Dr.Lazaro

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summarization of faith, love and time and Dr.Lazaro

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     makaka2long ba yan sa essay ko??? :D


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     kulang kaxe


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    analysis of faith,love,time,and dr lazaro
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    II. Faith, Love, Time and Dr. Lazaro 1. Dr. Lazaro mid 30's married aging medical doctor scientific, cold, and rational wanted his son to be a doctor in his profession lose his faith to God never cared because he thought there was only so much time back in the path of the Lord after seeing his son baptizing a week old baby faithless father being humbled by a faithful son 2. Ben mid 20's single wanted to be a priest and serve God. infuriatingly fresh and positive spiritual warm and intimate, and delicately emotional CEC<ed>

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