I want to start acting career, what to do?

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Dear Teri

I feel stuck in one place. I have always wanted to pursue a career in acting for television or movies. My parents felt that it was a dream that could wait. Now I am 23 with a degree in meteorology. I thought by obtaining this degree I could become a meteorologist on television, but lately I have realized, it is not the same. It does not get me excited the way acting does. I was recently watching true Hollywood story and decided that acting is what I want to do most I just do not know where to start. Please give me some advice.

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  1. John

    There are a couple of ways to start if you are really interested to start up with a serious acting career.

    1. Take some acting classes. They are a good way to network, make friends in the business, find out about agents etc.

    2. Start submitting yourself on projects and go for some interviews. You may not get the part but interviews are good experience and will start building your confidence. At least give yourself a tough challenge.

    3 DO EXTRA WORK!!! This is probably the best way to get in the door, make contacts and meet other people who can direct you. You can work around your schedule and get the experience you need to take the next step!
    If you have guts you can do more, but make sure you are following these steps.

    Best of luck!

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