How to measure the stove fuel efficiency?

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please tell me how to measure the stove fuel efficiency?

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  1. kate

    Efficiency is an analysis that how much fuel is used by a device to gain a desired outcome. Efficiency is an important tool which help organizations in their development, technical developers, and the end-users because it is an indication of the operation cost and resource outcome. The knowledge of a stove's efficiency is god because it will enable you to estimate the time needed to collect fuel. There are different methods to assess the efficiency of cook stoves. Direct accurate thermodynamic efficiency measurements of stoves are tough to perform as they need strictly controlled conditions and consequently don't usually give very much significant information about how the stove will work in the field.

    Three simple test methods are generally used by development organizations. Since these techniques depend on uncontrolled elements they do not give absolute results. Instead comparisons are made between the target stove and the improved stove. For this precise measurement of thermodynamic parameters are required. The tests can be carried out with easily available equipment by common people and can yield useful stove efficiency. The tests are given below:
    • The Water Boiling Test : this is a 'laboratory' test, usually used during the design stage of a stove development program in order to find out the effect of design changes on stove performance while it is used to boil and simmer a pot of water.
    • The Controlled Cooking Test: in this test the stove is used by a rural cook for the preparation of a simple meal, and by the end of cooking we measure the quantity of fuel used.

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