stove eye stays on red hot high requardless of know setting

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stove eye stays on red hot high requardless of know setting

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  1. Guest21261831
    Need to replace the k**b regulator

  2. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, It took me more time to unpack the Reactor stove from its original box, than it did to assemble and cook my first meal. Just s***w on the fuel canister, light the burner and literally in 15 seconds it’s red hot and ready to go. At 5430 feet above sea level, two cups of water were boiling within two minutes. Ah, yes instant gratification is achievable even in the backcountry. The transparent anodized pot lid provides the perfect bird’s eye view of what’s cooking inside. Monitor your meal closely though because the radiant-burner wastes no time boiling your food. More than one pot of stew spewed over as we got the knack for cooking fast with this system. Red hot burner in 15 seconds, Photo by Jilly Salva The advantage of radiant heat versus flame-based heat is that you’re cooking food in a matter of minutes regardless of the wind. A well-designed flat k**b let’s you easily regulate the Reactor's temperature. You’ll want to keep it low though because it cooks hot, hot, hot! The stove is so user-friendly that my daughter was able to safely use it right out of the box. The handle stays cool no matter how long you’re cooking. We like “easy” on our trips and this stove delivers. MSR Reactor Stove, MSRP is $159.95. Two-pot cooking for up to six people When you have three or more in the backcountry, consider the MSR Flex 3 Pot Set. This nested two pot combo comes with one lid and one modular pot handle. We used an MSR WhisperLite stove with these pots. (The MSR Reactor’s heat element is convex shaped; specially designed to be used with its own pot. The flat-bottomed MSR Flex 3 Pot Set performed brilliantly with the MSR WhisperLite Stove.)

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