Looking for beginners ballet classes in Dublin for 17 years old?

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I am a 17 year old girl and have never attended any ballet class in my entire life. I was told that I will have to do ballet dancing in my college’s annual musical theatrical show. I am looking for a ballet dancing school, where I can get some basic training in Ballet dancing. I am currently residing in Dublin. I also want to know, will I be allowed to start ballet training, at this stage, as I believe I am too old to start ballet dancing. Please help me in this regard.

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  1. Mitchel

     Dear, anonymous 17, year old girl, it’s never too late to take ballet dancing classes. Your description clearly indicates that you are looking for ballet classes, to get you in the position, so that you can perform in your college’s musical. There are many Ballet teaching schools in Dublin, who welcome adults. You can join Natalya Pakshina ballet studio, this ballet studio also holds ballet dancing classes for adults, who are only interested in improving their physical fitness. Though the process of learning ballet dancing at a later stage is not easy, and involves allot of physical exertion, still you are in your teens and your body will easily adapt to the rigorous ballet training. Best thing about joining the adult ballet classes is that they are held after working hours and you will easily give time to your training. You shouldn’t worry about the ballet training, you age will not hamper your desire to learn the ballet dancing techniques and moves.

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