starting ballet at age 12

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I'm 12 years old and been doing tap and Jazz for about a 1 year. I also been singing since I've been 6 and acting since I've been 6 acting for 6 years as well. I want to to more dance so I can be rounded in performing arts. I was
wondering if I were to start ballet how long would it take to get to point work. I have a good turn out and I'm good at bar exercises. I already have a private teacher who is my jazz and tap teacher, she is really supportive in whatever I do in dance. To get to the real question...Do I have a chance to do good in ballet and go on point?
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  1. Mitchel

    Girl's who are serious about ballet dancing, start pretty young, you are thinking of starting at 12, but still with rigourous practice you can become a pro ballerina dancer. For that you will have to 10 hours a week. Most professional ballerina dancers start their dancing career by the age of sixteen.

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