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paano po makakuha ng print out ng employmnt history,member static in4mation and actual contr kc po pra sa maternity reimb ko.requirements po kasi ito.thank you....

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  1. Guest28097084

     i want to view my sss contributions and employment history this is my sss#33-4556436-3

  2. Guest27849597

     paano po b mkikita ung history ng contribution q,

  3. Guest24307572

    i want to view my contribution starting january 2009 to october 2009 this is my employer no 02-0951960-6

  4. Guest24261000

     tanung ko lang po kung ilan buwan bago malaman ang resulta ng manual verification kasi po requirement po kasi un sa maternity ko di po ko makapag file ng MAT-2 kung wala po un.

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