sql server 2005. IT

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I want to know if sql server 2005 is for my system or not

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  1. Guest27495682

     To open, read, scan, view sql database file owing to

  2. Sash

     Microsoft SQL Server 2005 is comprehensive, integrated data management and analysis software that enables organizations to reliably manage mission-critical information and confidently run today’s increasingly complex business applications. SQL Server 2005 allows companies to gain greater insight from their business information and achieve faster results for a competitive advantage.
    It provides the following solutions to the user:
    Business Intelligence
    High Availability
    Performance and Scalability
    Manageability of your infrastructure with automated diagnostics, tuning, and configuration
    and Developer Productivity

    SQL Server is the fastest growing Database and Business Intelligence vendor and ships more units than Oracle and IBM combined.
    The decision is yours.

  3. Israr Ahmad
    The CHECK constraint rejects any entry that contains an alpha character Add CHECK programmatically You can add a CHECK constraint programmatically when you create the table or after by executing a Transact-SQL (T-SQL) ALTER TABLE statement. The following T-SQL adds a new column to the example table: USE AdventureWorks ALTER TABLE dbo.PostalCodes ADD PostalCodeExtended char(9) NULL GO ALTER TABLE dbo.PostalCodes ADD CONSTRAINT CK_PostalCodes_PostalCodeExtended CHECK (PostalCodeExtended LIKE \'[0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]\') GO The first statement adds a character column named PostalCodeExtended. The next statement uses the ADD CONSTRAINT clause to add a CHECK constraint that forces number characters. The only difference is that this column expects a nine-character ZIP code value. Similarly to the manual example, the constraint will reject any value that contains an alpha character. The image below shows what happens when you try to enter a value that's fewer than nine characters or that contains an alpha character -- the table accepts only one value, 406045555.
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    may i help you about the question you post on.
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