some filipino and foreign scientists

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some filipino and foreign scientists

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    Antoine Lavoisir-is the first peson to term Oxygen and Hydrogen and also was the first one to establish that sulfer is not a compound but an element.

  2. Fareeha
    Here is a list of some of the Filipino and Foreign Scientists: 1. Luz Oliveros Belardo - National Scientist in the field of pharmaceutical chemistry. 2. Solita Camara-Besa - First Filipina to specialize in physiology biochemistry. 3. Lourdes Cruz- Noted biochemist for her studies of the biochemistry of conotoxins. 4. Felicita R. Fojas - Commended for her research on chemistry and biological activity of medicinal plants. 5. Saturnina C. Halos - Noted for her pioneering works in molecular biology. 6. Clara Lim-Sylianco - Filipina National Scientist widely regarded for her contributions in the fields of biochemistry and organic chemistry. 7. Melecio Magno - has done studies on the absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy of crystals, specifically rare-earth crystals; effects of typhoons on the distribution of atmospheric ozone; sky luminosity; atmospheric radiation; gravitation; and the philosophy of science. 8.Consolacion Ragasa- Cited for her sustained contributions to natural products chemistry. 9. Dolores Ramirez - Filipino National Scientist known for her research in biochemical genetics and cytogenetics of plants. 10. Alfredo C. Santos - National Scientist who devoted his career on the study of the chemistry of natural products and the properties of Philippine medicinal plants. 11. Francisco O. Santos - He made studies on the nutritive values and chemical composition of Filipino foods, amount of nutrients and vitamin contents of traditional Philippine food materials and Philippine nutrition problems.

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