Any suitable place to look for monologues?

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Hello Ms. Schulman,

My name is Jessica. I am and 18 year old college student and have recently become interested in the (very) extensive acting world.

There are so many monologues out there! I was just wondering if you know of a good source to start looking. I would like to show a breadth of emotions, and get a few strong monologues under my belt, but I would also like them to not be the same ones that casting directors have heard hundreds of times.

Thank you so much for your input, I really appreciate it.


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  1. John

    Hi Jessica

    There is lots of places to look for monologues.

    Finding a good audition monologue is a very personal thing and it is not an easy one (although many actors do take the easy route - but if they do, it shows). Keep in mind that a monologue is not just a technical/mechanical instrument to perform at an audition. It is a way to show the auditors that you can communicate character, relationships, emotion and more. The best way to do this is to find a monologue that you can really understand and connect to on a very personal and intimate level. That will allow you to internalize the character and her circumstances, to visualize the person being spoken to, and to really feel the emotional journey that the character takes in the monologue.

    Of course, the best place to look is in plays themselves. See and read as many plays as you can. Keep an eye/ear out for characters you can relate to personally and monologues that really touch you. The more plays you see and read, especially ones that are not the most commonly done plays, the better chance you have of finding those few special pieces that trigger YOUR emotions (which will allow you to communicate those with your audience).

    There are dozens of monologue books available in any library or bookstore with monologues to fit every occasion and every gender/age range. The danger in these is twofold. First of all, everyone has them, so many of these monologues ARE overdone. The second, and more important, is the temptation to simply learn the monologue without ever reading the play it came from. This is a HUGE mistake. Without reading the play and truly understanding the character speaking and the dramatic circumstances that lead to the monologue, there is no way to really understand who the character is, what she wants, who she is speaking to, what their relationship is and how she feels about that person, and the emotion that grounds and builds in the monologue. If you decide to find a monologue in a monologue book, do your homework - find the play, read it, explore the character and circumstances and really personalize it for yourself.

    Some plays that are in the public domain (older plays that are no longer under copyright, such as Shakespeare's plays) may be available on the internet. Try Googling any play or playwright you might be interested in and you might get lucky. Plays that are still under copyright are generally not available online since they would be too easy to \"steal\". Also, some upcoming playwrights do make their plays available at their own websites. Try doing a search for \"play scripts\" or \"monologues\" and see what comes up.

    But, to repeat, the best place to find good monologues is in the plays. Find a playwright that you like and get an anthology of his or her plays and start reading. Get out and see plays, or even find films adaptations of plays and watch them (but if you find something you like, read the play it came from because very often the dialogue and even the story can be changed significantly in the adaptation from stage to screen). Acting is hard work, and the research involved with finding good monologues is just the beginning.

    Fortunately, reading and seeing plays is also a lot of fun. So enjoy your search.

    Best of luck.

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