slogans to protect trees

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slogns on how to preserve neighbourhood plants

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  1. Guest24895220

     Kill the beaver, save the tree

  2. Guest24571942

     You and Nature, go forward together

  3. Guest22920995

    tree lagao desh bacho.


  4. John

     Save Nature, protect trees

  5. Guest22685844

    cut a page kill a tree

  6. Guest22685844

     each one plant one each day

  7. Guest22619266

    one tree can make a million matches.

    one matches destroyed a million trees

  8. Guest22610841

    cut a tree,cut a tree and there will be no more left to see.

  9. Guest22576478

     green revolution is the best solution to arrest pollution.--sinduja sunder

  10. Guest22574256

    pedhon se vaayu, vaayu se aayu....

  11. Guest22535916

    cut trees cut your life

  12. Guest22243531

     Save roots there are also save trees


  13. Guest22229282

    go green

  14. Guest22073482

    to cut or not to cut that is the question

  15. Guest21846707

     SAVE TREES SAVE LIFE .......!

  16. Guest20975729
    A tree without leaves is like a book without pages . save trees save lives
  17. Guest20709868
  18. Guest20625537
    if you cut tree , it will cut you
  19. Guest20518935
    plant a tree today, save our environment today, coz it would be tooo late tomorrow....
  20. Guest20281459
    discourage cutting encourage growing and planting.
  21. Guest20281459
    discourage cutting encourage growing and planting.
  22. Guest20102744
    i m the one who prrotects d earth
  23. Guest20098133
    Our Nature is like our Mother,So save it for BETTER FUTURE
  24. Guest20058838
    Cutting of trees is a murder that harms the murderer himself.
  25. Guest20003637
    darakhatan nu bachaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  26. Guest19957816
    save trees save earth
  27. Guest19957816
    save trees save earth
  28. Guest19772883
    live and let live trees
  29. Guest19736859
    ped lagao dhara bachao
  30. Guest19726433
    save trees save us,love nature protect us
  31. Guest19650296
    save trees to live a better life than today
  32. Guest19329559
    our future=an earth of suffering from drought.but we can change it into 'the earth with patches of green'. so try to change it
  33. Guest19230426
    trees are like god , who cut them he is a dog...
  34. Guest19088471
    LOOOOOOOOOOOL breaking a branch is like breaking a bone :D
  35. Guest18769049
    trees cannot be freezed but it can hppen b'cos of our greed
  36. Guest18694893
  37. Guest14402219
    eah one plant one
  38. Guest14402219
    eah one plant one
  39. Guest11876639
    save more trees, donot cut trees
  40. Ali Abdullah
    Hi There, love your mother,love your motherlanguage,love your mothercountry, love your mother nature,global warming worlds thirdworldwar,-,just -care the eco,because u r in rare land,stop polytheen usage,re -cycle the wastage,earth is not yr wastebucket stop dumping,co2 will steal your o2,save the earth or elminate the human race,stop betraying the earth,-one plannet,one earth,one humanrace ,one golden word -save the earth-trees are life blood to earth-rivers are not ur chemical pot-will u hurt ur mother?then why to mother nature-trees are to grow not to make furniture-nature gave shelter to us give shelter to nature-next en-dangerd spieces will be humanrace,-buy the green product-trade carbon trade-celebrate ur bday with tree sabling-one god, one world- worship the mother nature-be selfish to save the world-armless world makes harmless world-cutting the tree is true cannibalisum-need a breeze, plant trees-need a rain, stop ruin the trees-listen to natures music-mind it -ther is no 2nd earth-use tecnology to grow not to destroy the nature-dont use the newtons 3rd law to mother nature- Hope it helps

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