slogan on carpooling

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slogan on carpooling

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  1. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, Carpoolers was an American single-camera comedy series that premiered on October 2, 2007 on ABC. The show was created by Bruce McCulloch, who also executive produced alongside Justin Falvey, Darryl Frank, David Miner, Marsh McCall, Joe Russo and Anthony Russo (formerly of Arrested Development). Joe and Anthony Russo also directed the pilot. The series focused on the everyday lives of four male suburbanites with different occupations, who took their private lives and issues along for the ride during their daily commute to and from work. Produced by DreamWorks Television, ABC Studios and 3 Arts Entertainment, the series was given a thirteen-episode order on May 11, 2007 and originally aired Tuesdays at 8:30PM Eastern/7:30PM Central following Cavemen.After a brief hiatus, the show returned to ABC's schedule on January 8, 2008 at 9:30PM Eastern/8:30PM Central, following According to Jim. After the writers strike ended, ABC declined to order any additional episodes of Carpoolers. The season finale aired on March 4, 2008 and although it has not appeared in the Fall '08 lineup, it could come back in the future seasons on ABC. It has aired in Australia on the Seven Network in the timeslot of 11:30pm Tuesdays, first after Eli Stone, then after Lipstick Jungle.

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