Size of tires for 2000 Accord 4dr.

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Hi there, I am replacing my tires on a 2000 Accord 4dr, V6. The current tires are p205/65r15-92V. I have been told I can use p205/65r15-92H. When I asked what the difference is I was told 92V is for speeds up to 150mph and 92H for 130. I primarily do city driving and I am not a speed freak on the open road. The price difference from BJs makes it appealing but I want to make sure I am not compromising safety. Do you have any experience with this car? Can someone give me the best suggestion in this problem? I am looking forward for some expert opinion on this. Hope you can help me. Thanks for your time in advance.

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    Along with speed capability, higher speed rated tires also have better grip (better braking), and crisper handling. The crisper handling is something that your vehicle was designed to take advantage of and going to a lower speed rating compromises the vehicle's ability to maneuver, especially when you need it the most - in an emergency.

    But there is also a relatively misunderstood aspect of speed capability and that is the amount of "reserve" built in. It is normal for stuff to be designed better than the minimum. This is also true when stuff is "spec’s” (overdesign/underutilize as my college professor used to say.) This is to compensate for all the things that can't be quantified during the design process. By going to a lower speed rating, the amount of reserve capability is reduced. (We used to call it "Safety Factor" before lawyers started second guessing the design process.) This means that a tire is more likely to fail if the speed rating is reduced. So changing to a lower speed rating does compromise safety. Hope this helps.


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