sinu - sino mga bayani sa panahon ng amerikano

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sinu - sino mga bayani sa panahon ng amerikano

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  1. Guest28114730

    nge dapat kami ang nagtatanong duhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! f**k


  2. Guest28108576

     hindi ko alam baka si jenny vive versoza


  3. Guest27861001

     Hindi ko alam

  4. Guest22814776

     i need it also

  5. Guest21697594

     gago k!!

  6. Guest20652737
    Antonio Molina, Antonio Luna, Juan Luna, Apolinario Mabini,Gregorio del Pilar, Vicente Rilles Lukban
  7. Guest19931816
    sila heneral emilio aguinaldo...heneral miguel malvar...heneral gregorio del pilar and douglas mcarthur for mor info visit
  8. Guest19931816
    mac arthur
  9. Guest19931527
    i hope you know too........... ineed this tomorrow but i want to have this right now please........... not thanking bye

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