What type of signals is used in satellites?

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I am a sci-fiction novelist and have written some novels set in the near future. My stories involve some information related to the latest means of communication between the earth and the satellites. Can you help me know, what signals will be used for communication between the earth and satellites in the near future, also brief me about the signals currently in use. I would definitely acknowledge your help in my novel.

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  1. Mitchel

    I would advice you to access these online sources as they will enrich you with detailed information regarding the satellite signals:

    The following extract, has been taken from this source, and will definitely aid you in your research: ACTS (ADVANCED COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY SATELLITE):

    The NASA experimental satellite project which demonstrated the use of the Ka Band (30/20 GHz) services; onboard processing with multiple beams, electronic hopping antenna beams, and dynamic adjustment of power to cope with rain attenuation. The experimental network supported low to medium rate mobile services to high data rate HDTV fixed services. (Pelton, 1995)

    I would strongly recommend you to go through this online

    I would advise you to make use of analog signal meters. The best thing about this analog signal meter is that it can easily track the signals from any satellite. You will not have any difficulty in using this analog meter, as it will provide you with signal information of almost any satellite. There is a slight drawback, in analog’s use that it will not reveal information about the satellites, it will only enlighten you on the signals. Hope your novel works well and you get positive feedback.

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