should my 11 year old daughter wear makeup?

by Guest10456782  |  11 years, 2 month(s) ago

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i am wondering if u think my 11 year old daughter who loves makep but i rarely let her go out of the house with it on should wear makeup? and she is goin into middle school and is extremely mature for her age.




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  4. Guest27877498

    Yup!!! I'm 11 and wear makup to school everyday! But , if  I was a mom , i woul prob not let mt daughter wear foundation. I would let her wear bb cream! I wear it every day. It will not mess up her skin. It's bassicly a verry fancy tinted moistureizer.

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  8. Guest27369452

    I'm 11.My mum always says that i dont need makeup as 'Apparently' I'm beautiful as i am. I Am in 6th grade and i'm the oldest in my year.I made alot of frieend with people older than me,A year older, And they ll wear Make up. This year i do not feel the need to wear make up as my friends dont and no one presures me into it. I have always loved make up and  know how to aply it. ots of people come to me and ask if ill do there mke up if they are going out or something. i do have make up.but only around the house.If it is a secial occasion. Last week i asked my mum if i would be able to wear a little it of make up to school. At first she said no. Then i asked her if she did and she sais she did. She said that she wore some mascara and eyeliner.So she rethought about it then said that i will be able to wear them things.So just talk to her like that. wih no boys around. Just a Mum To Daughter Chat. I Garentee She will appriciate it:)


  9. Guest27236110

    I am 11 and I wear makeup, as at this age, you get self confident and if you dont like the way you look, you dont feel happy. I started wearing makeup as I have some very dark freckles on my nose/cheeks and I really dont like them. If your daughter likes the way she looks,there is probably no need for her to wear makeup, it will just damage her skin if she has gorgeous skin. I only wear a light foundation and powder etc now and again, but I always everyday wear abit of concealer and powder. I wear mascara every day, it makes your eyes look very pretty, but too much can make you look like abit of a slag. Mascara and powder and concealer is fine at that age, its just the foundation - shee should only use it now and again. Remember to tell her to put moisteriser or a good primer on before applying any make up, it covers your pores so no make up gets in them, and makes your skin staying lovely. And also remember to tell her to wash her face and eyes before bed every night, or else the makeup will clog your pores over night, and she will end up with black mascara circles under her eyes.

    I really hope this helps. Like I said, I am 11 and I wear make up and most of my friends at school do too. It really does make you feel all that bit more grown up.

    Thankss <3

    Sian C xx

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  16. Guest24764629

    ABSOULUTLY!!!!!!! I am 11 and I can only wear lipgloss/lip balm. Its so annoying not getting to wear makeup!!!!!!!! I just wish i could wear a little NOT alot! Or I would look like a fricken clown and who needs that? Anyway I say YES LET HER !!!!!!!!!!

  17. Guest24381413

     I am turning 11 in a couple of day. my mom agreed to let me wear mascara, lipstick the same color as my lips, and cream eye shadow(not the powder cause it come off). Maybe some tinted moisturizer if she has a blemish

  18. Guest24216756

    yes only if its lip gloss and mascara nothing crazy!

  19. Guest23617708

    Hi I am 11 yo and i think if u is ging 2 the 6th grade u can wear makeup

  20. Guest23251493

    I'm _ Years Old...My Mum Lets Me Wear Makeup For Things Like Parties And Just Around The House And If Its Not To Much Even When I Got Out.

    I Personally Only Wear A Small Amount Of Blusher,Some Lipstick Or Lip Balms Lightly Coloured,A Bit Of Mascara, Eye Liner (Although She Says That I'm Kinda To Young!) And If I'm Just Faffing About And Not Going Anywhere A Pinch A Bit Of My Mums Foundation Even Though She Says I Dont Need It....Well That My Routine And I'm Below 13 If That Helps!

  21. Guest23230952

    Sup everyone,

    Im 11 and i dont wear makeup but dont let that fool you. I ony wear a little lip gloss and maybe just maybe a little mascara. I only dont wear makeup (hardly) because none of my friends wear and i would look stupid wearing it. I recon you should let her. If her friends are doing she will want to do it. Shes just keeping up with the latest fashions. Its just part of growing up.  When did your mum let you wear makeup?

  22. Guest23163582

    Well , if she is 11 and mature id say it would be ok but only a little bit. I would probly use a black or clear mascara and clear lip gloss.

  23. Guest23120318

    Only shiny lip gloss and light blush. Just don't put too much gloss on or else it looks like you've been kissing olive oil. :)

  24. Guest22896994

    I am 11 years old and everyone my age wears make up exept me. I am  in 6th grade and the only thing my mom lets me wear is concealer and power nothing else this is how i think it should go...............11 concealer,powder,blush,lip gloss.12 concealer,powder,blush,lip products,eyeliner thin strip,mascara,white eyeshadow in the tear duct.13 everything but not to heavy and foundation only on speacial occations.I really luv make up and have alot i guess the reason she doesnt want me to wear it is the same reason she wont let me have a facebook.

  25. Mitchel

    Raising children in a right way, is becoming a daunting task for parents in current times. Your daughter is just 11, and i believe she is too young to wear makeup to school. This is the age, when kids should focus on other imporatnt aspects of their lives then their personal appearance. So, its better that you make her realize that at this stage she has no need of makeup, and will have ample of opportunities to wear it once she grows up.

  26. Guest22862884

    i am 11 2 mi mum wont let me were mascara in 3 year from now omg

  27. Guest22757687

    hai guys , hope u r all well . I am 11 years old aswell and i wear maekup . now my mum was excactly the same , she was wondering weather i should wear it or not and i tried persuading her , but it just wouldnt work . 1 day when she was having what u call a makeup clear out i quickly came and yoinked some foundation , blusher , eyeliner and a little eyeshadow . at the time i was only 10 and was still a little iffy on the whole makeup process ! When i finally got inot the jist of apllying it i soon began 2 wear little things that express your face like a little foundation , mascara , light eyeshadows , a little eyeliner and a small lip balm , to bring a small colour 2 my lips .so this si what she should get and wear and this is also to any others out there a little iffy on letting there daughter wear makeup . so foundation , depending on her skin colour she should ask a buetitionist 4 a foundation chart and u should hold it against your cheak bone and c what colour suits u best . if u want 2 bring a lil more colour into her / your face then go one shade darker than ur normal colour . and how 2 apply is just grab either a facial sponge or a blush and rub into the foundation and apply all over the face and neck ! Mascara now this is up 2 u u can have lots of multi colours and things but best is either brown or black u can also get dark blues and pinks and reds but really those should b 4 older ones . a quick tutorial on how to apply mascara is to hold a tissue under the set of lashes u r working on and just do a zig zag brush stroke or if needed 2 brush strokes . blusher is just 2 b applied 2 cheak bones and nose . beonzer apply to shoulders and forehead . ermm o yes lips . i tend 2 use light and dark lip balms as i am only 11 so i use sparkley ones . i use primark drinks ones they have a scent of either fanat , sprite , coke , coke vanilla scense , ermm fanta or dr pepper and i ahve them all . So good luck . and igf she is allowed mayb upload a pic of ehr and her makeup and we can say what we thinks is best and mayb other diff brands . and remember never go overboard 4 ur age . but in summe rur skins hows up lighter cus of sun so go 4 dark colours . good luck girls x babee gg x

  28. Guest22736861

    i only put it on sometimes, just like light blue eye shadow, and im eleven also.

     And on occasions foundation. So i say let her use it sometimes.

  29. Guest22709013



    im 11 and i wear smokey eye with fake eyelashes bronzer foundation and powder...i started wen i was 10,so go ahead let your kid wear make up it expresses feelings heck i look like im 17? a couple days ago i got offered a job at abvercrombie and fitch..and im only 11 the lady thought i was 17! so now my mom worries that poeple think im a teenager. and no you shouldn't worry either if you raise your kid right she would tell them shes only please let her wear makeup,but if it lead to bad grades,hanging with the wrong people,or drugs or very inipropriate things immeadetly make her stop wearing makeup..:) hope i helped

  30. Guest22688770

    A 12 year old should be able to wear makeup i mean they are almost a teen.

  31. Guest22679234

    im 12 and i sometimes feel the need to sneak some of my moms make upbecause i dont know how to ask her to wear it

    i have tried but she doesnt understand

    my sis hasent tried aand my mom keeps asking her and telling her she'll feel left out when im the one who feels left out

    i just want to wear some mascara eyeliner concelear eyeshadow and blush all in neutral colors i dont think thats too extreme but i mostly wanna wear mascara and eyeliner

    please reply with how you asked

    thanks for all replies in advance

  32. Guest22622922

    im in the same situation but i am the 11 year old i want to wear make up too i just dont know how to ask i try saying things like" me and my friend used to have a group called the no make up teers and she started to hang out w/ someone else and started to wear make up and i said sadsly now im the only one" she didnt get a clue i really need help i feel so lame that everyone except me can wear make up im kinda chubby and that doesnt help i think make up would bring attention to my face instead of my stomach i just have low self esteem because of this im in 6th grad i just turned twelve doesnt that seem like its fair to wear make up anyways please reply telling me how to ask

    :( HELP ME

  33. Guest22575650

    Yes. But make sure she doesn't put to much on. Tell her to only use natural colors. Plus, the natural colors look better. :)

  34. Guest22481731

    sorry to comment so late but i have a 12 year old daughter and i let her wear make up from when she was ten but not too much i let her wear: a light foundation,lip gloss, mascara and concealer.It is a natural part of growing up for a girl.

    I think you should take her out on a shopping day and go to a place that sells drugstore make up then when you get home teach her how to use it and just tell her that she is lucky that she can wear makeup at her age.

    sorry the comment was so long but i thought id share what i did with my daughter, all of her friends wear make up now as well so she feels very secure about herself and sees herself prettier than before.

  35. Guest22444932

    Hi. I'm 11 years old. I wear brown and black eye liners occasionally. And sometimes I wear lip gloss, but dont let her wear lip stick, she'll just look like a clown. Foundation should be the same color as most of her skin to make it look natural and keep the skin tones even. But it shouldn't be used too often. Blush is okay, every once in a while. Mascara makes your eyelashes fall out a lot, so consider NOT doing this. When you go to buy eye liner (if you let her) get the stick kind with a neutral kind of color like brown or black , the pencil kind, not the liquid. The reason why she shouldn't use the liquid type is because it runs a lot and you end up looking like a racoon or clown by the end of the day. Teach her how to put it on, by pushing down on your cheek so you can get just a THIN line of it right under her eye. Maybe even buy a concealer stick to go in the lines under her eyes so the liner doesnt smudge into them , making her look like a "clown". I hope this helped you.

  36. Guest22399041

    DEFINETELY!!!! When I was like 7, I would pop on lipgloss, and little bits of blush, and sometimes borrow my cousins mascara, (I wouldnt go out in the mascara). By parents just knew I was experimenting, and then when I was 8 I wore lip gloss, eye shadow, (not every day) and mascara some times, and blush. When I was 9 I would wear lip gloss and blush, maybe ssome eye shadow, and then by the time I was 10 I wore cream makeup, small amounts of foundation and even lip gloss, and eye shadow. I turned 11 and I mostly all days wore all of that, but I kept it natural so I didnt look clownish.

  37. Guest22378582

     I am 11 too, I wear Clear Mascara, light eyeshadows and light eyeliners too.

    I do use concealer but only because i have dark circles under my eyes.

    I think just let her wear light, neutral colours on her eyes like light brown, clear mascara, just to make her lashes look longer and maybe the "baked" urban decay 24/7 glide on eye liner pencil (thats what i use) It's a light bronze and really soft and creamy so easy to put on your eyes

  38. Guest22251624

    I'm 11 and I wear a bit of eyeliner at the corners of my eyes. But not much.

  39. Guest22165319

    hi im amanda i would let her wear what u think is suitable for her age try and take it step by step

  40. Guest21886390

    She should only wear makeup to enchance her features and make her seem more awake. She should wear only concealer, brown mascara, white or pewter eyeshadow, and some tinted lip balm/gloss. She should also wash her face every night and morning, but if she dosen't have any acne or pimples, dont use a face wash for it.

  41. Guest21849261

    hi i have a daughter the same age as yours and i let her put on a little makeup like some concealer clear lipgloss brown mascara and brown and beige tones and i taught her to clean her face and i bought her proper makeup so it wouldnt hurt her face so she only has a little but is happy

  42. Guest21816750

    Personally I think a child of eleven should not be allowed to wear makeup,
    Let them try a little foundation and clear lip balm at 12,
    Add some natural mascara and blush at 13/14.
    And then at the age of 15/16 they hopefully should have picked up how natural makeup should look and at that age, let them wear it - as long as they don't look ridiculous of course.

  43. Guest21799499

    well i'm eleven and i wear some make up. i think you should totally let your kids wear make up because they would look soooo good with make up. and im not just saying this cuase  im a kid, i also wear lots of it at partys and i would totally let my kids wear make up. i also LOVE wearing make. let her wear it. Hope this HELPED you. LET HER. =)

  44. Guest21799194

    well i'm eleven and i wear some make up. i think you should totally let your kids wear make up because they would look soooo good with make up. and im not just saying this cuase  im a kid, i also wear lots of it at partys and i would totally let my kids wear make up. i also LOVE wearing make. let her wear it. Hope this HELPED you. LET HER. =)

  45. Guest21703187

    yes she needs to it is her doing if she puts on to much just tell her but i up on make-up and i am 10

  46. Guest21701166

    Defaintly i'm 9 and i wear foundation,powder.eyeliner,mascara,lipgloss and blush

  47. Guest21667547

    I am 11 i wear foundatoin blusher lipgloss and maskara  i think if u wear make up and you have permission you should be trusted to look after yourself you know if you loook good so it is up  to you but i always wear my make up even to school .

  48. Guest21660716

     I happen to 11 and I wear just a little makeup, its not such a bad thing, as long as she takes care of her face and she KNOWS how to use makeup. Make sure she takes care of her skin well and make it look natural. Hoped this helped you.

  49. Guest21565282
    I think she should only wear a little, I deciced for my duaghter to pick up the nuatralista pack at Claire's she looks narural but with only a little makeup on and she thinks its alot. It works perfectly but, it has a little sparkle to it for that feminine touch.
  50. Guest21551255
    You should if you think she is ready do it. Let her wear makeup. BUt make sure it looks natural because if she is ready for her boy stage boys don't like dark makeup. So my answer is yes I think she should wear makeup.
  51. Guest21526637
    i am 11 and i wear alot of makeup if she really wants 2 you should let her it just mean she wants 3 grow up a bit
  52. Guest21153962
    I am Eleven and I wear a little bit of mascara and eyeliner. It's not a bad thing. If you try and stop her she'll only do it anyway and that will make her angrier and you angrier. As long as she's wearing it for the right reasons then I think that it's okay. Hope this helped
  53. Guest21133982
    Well I am 12 and I started wearing just eyeliner in 5th grade. I dont see what the big deal to all you parents. It is just a way all of us kids,to express ourselves and our feelings. I think it would be ok if you just wore a tiny line of eyeliner (what ever color) on the bottom waterline and a clear lipgloss. We are only kids and we always want more more, even after we just got what we wanted. Take time and slow it down a bit.
  54. Guest20775488
    I'm 11 too and i think we should be able to wear make-up my mom wont let me wear make-up or ever have a facebook it makes me mad cause everyone else has one or wears tht but i cant and i think im really ugly cause i have pimples but when i wear make up im really pretty but idk how to make my mom let me or get her to understand to let me wear make up or have a facebook....
  55. Guest20596456
    I have an idea: All of these 10 and 11 year olds should go out and have fun being a kid instead of trying to look older.
  56. Guest20464186
    im 10 and i wear makeup and i like it but it is not ok if it is to I think its ok but ask her why she wants to wear if its because she wants to build her self esteem (hiding blemishes) I would help her, but if it's to do what everyone else is doing or to attract boys, I would not support it.
  57. Guest20464186
    im 10 and i wear makeup and i like it but it is not ok if it is to I think its ok but ask her why she wants to wear if its because she wants to build her self esteem (hiding blemishes) I would help her, but if it's to do what everyone else is doing or to attract boys, I would not support it.
  58. Guest20464186
    im 10 and i wear makeup and i like it but it is not ok if it is to I think its ok but ask her why she wants to wear if its because she wants to build her self esteem (hiding blemishes) I would help her, but if it's to do what everyone else is doing or to attract boys, I would not support it.
  59. Guest20426302
    Im 11 and i wear makeup i wear eye shadow, mascara, eye liner,blush, and lip gloss when i wear 2 much i cant go out my mom and brother tell me to clean it up. so i think she should be allowed
  60. Guest20400185
    I am 11 years old I wear makeup sometimes when I feel like it but I don't go over the top I wear a earthy brown eyeshadow and lip gloss or a pink lip stick not to to noticable like a dark red thought o and blush sometimes I think she should be aloud as long as she wash her face and you teach her how to properly wear the said kinds of makeup she wants to wear hope this helped :)
  61. Guest20339334
    yes she should. I dont see why people cant wear lip gloss even when their 8!!!!! But lipstick is not right for younger girls. Shes only a p*****n so dont let her go too heavy like make sure it looks good, clean and natural. You dont want her looking bad and cakey I say sure but not heavy loads
  62. Guest20193370
    i started wearing make-up when i was 11, most girls want to wear make-up at an early age because there friends are allowed to & to fit in. :) immm 13 now. maybe just let her wear consealer, foundation & a bit of mascara dont let her wear too much though!
  63. Guest20193266
    i am the same age and i am going to middle school to and my mom lets me ware lip gloss and and lipstick and eye shadow and i ware a light earthy brown color and some pink (for the sparkle) for eyeshadow and i like a light brown latte color and some fruity lip gloss and i have a lot of diff colors for eyes but i like the earthy brown colors and if you want to let your daughter ware some blush and mascara you can but that is up to you. I hope this helped
  64. Guest20104232
    i am 11 too and i just started wearing lipgloss
  65. Guest20048287
    If you believe your daughter is mature enough then let her wear a little make-up. PLaese don not let her use to much make-up. Use only blush, a nuetral or very light colored eyeshadow, and lip gloss.
  66. Guest19942122
    WEll im an 11 yea old and i just eacently went on a vacation with my long distance best frien,her mom, and my dad and found out that she wears makeup and i cant so im jealous but my mom HATES it wen kids my age wear makeup and she doesnt no i want too so WHAT DO I DO!!!
  67. Guest19731672
    you should let her express how she feels to you and ask her why she wants to wear makeup im 11 and i wear makeup but my mom only lets me wear eyeliner very thin ,a tiny foundation , mascara,and a very light eyeshadow just dont let her wear it trashy
  68. Stormy Stanley
    As a parent of a teenager, I understand your concern. Talking to your daughter and figuring out why she feels she needs makeup is the first step. Communication usually is limited at this age due to the wonderful world of hormones, but this would be a great open for deep conversations. If after talking to her you feel she is mature enough to wear makeup, then take her to pick some out and give her instructions on correct application and care for the makeup. This is your child and no one knows your child like you do. Advice is great, but you will be the only one that will answer for her and her actions. Good luck and welcome to parenting a pre-teen! It will be a wild ride!
  69. Guest19419100
    i think you should. but not a lot. buy her some concealer light shades of eyeshadow and lipgloss. if you want to get her some extra stuff then buy her some body fragrance that is cheapp but smells nice and light
  70. Guest19401020
    i think your 11-year-old daughter can wear only lipgloss. why worry about how attractive you look in only middle school? she can wear a bit of lipstick or eyeshadow for special occasions but thats it i mean shes not even a pre-teen yet. the right age to wear makeup should be 14 or 15, make up that brings out the natural beauty, that make you look like you caked it on or artificial. kids who are in middle school wants to make themselves older and appealing (come on they/you know who you are). whatever you think is best for her as a parent.
  71. Rachel-Olivia
    If she feels comfortable wearing make-up and looks presentable it should be fine, i would just say ensure that she washes it off properly and cleanses her face every night to make sure that her skin maintains a healthy standard :)
  72. Guest19284880
    im 10,but i will be 11 in august. some people say your kid wants more and more,but i read,and im wating less and less. im tarting the day of 6th grade. here are the links to some things i suggest. go to target. get sonia kashuk makeup remover. shell need it! also get waterproof lashblast,or just lashblast. go to the body shop. good for there: summer everyday face lotion. it self tans/moisturizers/lotionizes. summer everday cocoa butter body lotion. does the same. also get the i think aloe calming facial cleanser. and the seaweed face mask,for weekly mask. hope i helped,haaha you didnt ask for what kinda you go!
  73. Guest19282385
    Yes. I am a 33 year old Woman. My daughters are 11,13,16. I let them when they want! If it makes them confident,they really should. I let me ll year old wear mascara,eyeshadow, and a special moisturizer I got her from the body shop. She really looks pretty and when her friends come they are wearing make up to. She'll feel left out if you don't,she told me about it to one of her friends.
  74. Guest19195682
    A little bit, for school some lipgloss,concealer, and blush. On weekends mabye add some clear makara and light eyeshabow
  75. Guest19190334
    Yes And No ' I'm 11 Years And I'm Though Going Thought ' 7 Grade ' I Don't Wear It Atall Because It Gives Me Spots But If You Want To Let Her Have Just Make Sure She Washes Her Face With Warm Water Every Morning And Night .
  76. Guest19025888
    Yes but only a little. I'm 11 myself and only wear eye-liner and mascara. Girl's my age should be more into fashion and hair not make up. No matter how mature for her age just let her wear a little and let her advance over the years dont let her be like Guest16548610 x
  77. Guest18978624
    I think that if you think that your daughter is mature enough, go for it! just make sure that you set limits. Like no black eyeshadow, or red lipstick. Let her enhance her features.
  78. rihana828
    No, she should not wear make up at this early stage as it can affect her skin.
  79. Guest18208502
    I personally don't think so; I'm 12 years old and I have no interest in makeup whatsoever. I've never worn it in my life! But if she is going to an important occasion, I don't see why not. I don't know how it is where you live, but I'm in Switzerland and here 12-year-olds are in the last year of primary school. If you wear makeup before you get to middle school, people usually consider you to be a b***h(at least in school). Anyway, as a matter of fact, the few girls that use make-up at my age ARE the silly ones. I'm sure if your daughter is so sensible she'll be able to hang on for another year or two- but of course if you think that she'll carry on being the mature girl she is despite it, there's no reason why she shouldn't. ;)
  80. Guest18183908
    yes u should start at 10
  81. Guest18153918
    Did you know that there is a whole organic line of cosmetics that are very minimal, organic and good for the skin? I'm 10 and I wear very little makeup. Guest 16548610? (whew!) I know that girls want to wear make up at a young age. But, Guest 16548610 has WAYYYYY to much makeup on. No offense but, when you are older you will look like c**p. Right now I wear, some organic eyeliner that is called Kajal. It's so light that most people won't see it. It goes right above the lash when the eyelid stops. It's also organic and defines the eyes. I get it from Lakme. I also wear some blush on my eyes but thats it! (And maybe some Burt's Bees for my lips!) But just saying, even if you put the slightest amount of makeup on your daughter that's not even visible.(Some blush on the eye or Kajal) there are 2 things that can happen. One, her self-esteem can higher a bit and make her happier or 2 her self esteem can go through the roof and you'll have a snooty girl on your motherly hands! Sources: being a kid! Live, Laugh , love!
  82. Guest18128249
    okay im 11 turn 12 in july. start like this , 11-light eyeshadow & light mascara , foundation;for zits ;blush 12-Medium mascara , eyeshadow , foundation and LIGHT eyeliner 13-14 - Mascara eyeliner foundation eyeshadow but make sure your daughter cleanses her face in the morning & night so her face won't look jacked up & trampy. Hope this helped . I want to convince my mom to do this , but i don't know how to explain it to her . Can any of you moms or teens help me explain it ? if so , email me at
  83. Guest18091211
    i think she should but she should go light on the makeup.if shes in elementry school then she should add a little blush to bring out her skin color,maybe a little lipp bam to make sure her lips arent dry and some light eye shadow to bring out her eye color. try experimenting it would be good if u want to bond with her.oh yea if she might be in middle school the she can wear some mascara and eyeliner but not a lots of it just go easy with the makeup have fun hope this helps
  84. Guest18024610
    Yeah, I think you should let her. But its up to you. If you think she's mature enough and would apply it sensibely, then let her. Im 11 and I wear mascara and a bit of eyeliner on my top eyelid. I would let her experiment with all the different kinds. Thats what I do. If it would make her happy, wouldn't you let her? She might want to make herself look beautiful. She might be a bit worried about her looks so let her see what she can do, tell her to make it look natural. Thats my opinion, but I would let her :)
  85. Charishma
    May she is interested and like to see herself more beautiful. There is no wrong in it.
  86. Guest17720065
    hmmmmm... well, lip gloss is really all she needs, maybe a dab of mascara. she should only be wearing make up at 13 at least. you could let her wear alot of make up on special occasions. just teach her to do it right and dont let her over do it. remember: she is still growing up so protect her skin or else she will probably depend on make up everyday in the future because of the horrible skin it caused her
  87. Guest17590117
    yeah!!! im an 11 year old and i wear make up but just light makeup
  88. Guest17584047
    Yes, if she doesn't put too much on then that's fine in my opinion
  89. Guest17321166
    no she'll look crappy and hookery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO NO NO NO EWW NO
  90. Guest17289395
    yeah! i'm 11 and her popularity will go down in middle school without mascara trust me everyone has it just don't over-do it or it looks like trash so have funnnn!!!!!! and let her she'll be happy and mature bout it probs if you say she is mature so give it a shot
  91. Guest17246851
  92. Guest17204320
    yeah, just don't let her go ova the limit though so much that it looks crapppy. i'm 11 and i wear mascara but i keep it simple but so it looks trashy and maybe some lipgloss. but if she starts to wear a lot say somethin otherwise let her be cause everyone else in the school does i bet. it's just what we do your choice
  93. Guest16833232
    No! I'm nearly 15, but I didn't start wearing makeup until halfway through grade 7, which was the same for pretty much everyone in my school. Your daughter us much too young for this. No, don't let her wear any makeup yet, I'm surprised she's even into that stuff yet.
  94. Guest16739269
    heeey im 13 years old,in 7th grade i started wearing makeup in the beginning of 6th grade i started with a tiny bit of eyeliner i was 12 then and noow i wear alot of make up i think yoour daugther should wait because then she will want more and more. -angela *i hope this helped(:
  95. Guest16714494
    i am 12 and when i was 11 i started to get really into makeup. the only makeup i wear out of the house is concealer and maybe bronzer, so if your daughter has acne then i would just let her wear concealer, bronzer, lip gloss, and maybe a neutral eye shadow out of the house but when i am alone i like to go crazy and put on tons of makeup just for fun. if it is a special occasion then let her wear just a little eyeshadow.
  96. Guest16632749
    hi ! I'm 11 and I wear make up ( Only a bit ) and if you teach her to use it proberly nothing can go wrong right ?? I think you should let her wear it just to let her be happy :)
  97. Guest16548610
    Yes!!! I am 10 years old and wear concealer,powder,blush,mascara,eyeshadow(of all colors depending on my outfit) and lipstick and lip gloss. I make it look very very natural! Just let her explore!!! If your too overprotective she will leave you as soon as she can! I am sorry to say that! If you have any more questions e-mail me @
  98. Guest16545445
    mascara and lip gloss only, Im 11 and i think you shouldnt wear anything that goes directly on your face, then when you get older your face will be damaged and ugly because u forgot to wash it off at night. Maybe in 7th grade she can start wearing eye shadow. But i LOVE playing with all my make up, but i never wear any of the kind i have to school. If shes curious, then let her practice putting it on at home. Just only let her wear mascara and lip gloss when going out, or to school. :) Hope i helped -Annie♥
  99. Guest16525556
    im 11 yaers old and i realy love make up when i go to a party or somewhere i want to put on mascara my mom let me some times or sometimes she say what is that your not 13 your 11 you cant put on mascara go and claen up your face.right now i only can put on LIP GLOSS and i think an 11 girl should just put on LIP GLOSS because its not good for your face.
  100. Guest16471053
    i am 13, and an 8th grader in middle school.... i started wearing mascara, and clear lip gloss in 6th grade, then in 7th, i added a light sparkley pink eyeshaddow, and now im in 8th, and i wear, brown eyeshaddow, brown eyeliner, bronzer, and foundation. so i would let her wear makeup, but let her advance with more over the years
  101. Guest16353090
    Eloo....I am a 12 year old girl and yea i would let her go but don't let her go over the top of the make up just let her use some mascara and lipgloss and foundation is very bad for your zits and your face when you are older it will make your face very ugly. i wear make up buhh i only wear mascara and lipgloss because if your daughter goes into high skl they will start cussing her and say she is a w***e and dat ain't a gud thang . i hope this comment helps
  102. Guest16252926
    I think you should letg her wear make up but a little bit but tell her and show her that you love her always and just let her wear some make up !!!!!!!!
  103. Guest16250217
    tell her that she's pretty the way she is. And let her use a little lip gloss that's what my mum lets me do and I'm 12 1/2. As she starts to go in her pre teens (12) tell her she can use a little more gradually when she gets to 13,14 she decide on whats she wants to do let her experiment. Don't shut her out she'll think you hate her. But If she goes slapping make up on tell her no. Let her know her boundries
  104. Guest16179278
    im 11 years old and i feel like im being left out because i dont wear makeup.
  105. Guest16089205
    Yes!!!! I am 34 and i have three kids thirteen, eleven and ten. Your kids might not be telling you, they get made fun of!!! Many kids in p*****n ages wear eyeliner foundation and maskara... if she has zits and foundation doesnt cover all of it up, they need maskara and eyeliner to take attention off of the zits. Or else people may be calling your kids zit faces, i know this because i have seen people treat my kids like that. Make sure you dont let her grow up to fast though, keep it simple for a while.
  106. Guest15930973
    11 years old? See... does she have zits? If so yea, let her wear foundation and mascara, but maybe hold back on eyeliner. Lipstick is ok if it isnt too dark. I am 12 and i think 11 might be too young. But i have zits and i NEED foundation! I am a pizza face. So, I suggest it when she starts or is into a little bit of puberty. If shes not, then say no!
  107. Guest15835299
    i would wait until she is 12 but still very light make up
  108. Guest15724237
    sorry lady for you to have a little girl soo head strong and wanting to be center of the universe but no she shouldn't, too young I know you're thinking what can it hurt well alot, be the mother and say no to that because she's a LITTLE girl, has all the time in the world to be a s**t because if you let her wear makeup then dating is next, let me guess she's already into boys shame on you well I geuss you just want a little TPT s**t walking around doing what she wants sneaking out @ night having babys no collage h**l no future!
  109. Guest15718453
    well i am 11 im turning 12 this year... last year i really didnt care about wearing make up but this year its starting to matter to me... personally i think if she really luvs make up and u let her just go into the outside world she might overdo it becuz she going out for the first time like that... My advice let her wear make up but dont let her overdo it.. She will only look like shes trying to hard that way... Thats my advice and trust me I know cuz if i have to c a gurl thats only like 11 years old and shes wearing alot of make up i would think jee that girl is trying WAY TOO HARD.. But like i said just let her wear light shades of make up... thx trust me coming from someone not much older than her i would kno what other gurls wuld think of her
  110. Guest15638471
    i don't think so cause even a real mature woman doesn't prepare to me in full make up all the why should an 11 year old do........that's all. thank u..
  111. Guest15632092
    It only depends whether she has acne or pimples.I know because i am a 11 year old.But if she only wears makeup at school or when you guys go out to the store then you should keep an eye on her just to make shore some older teenagers or men stare and think of bad things they want to do.So be careful.
  112. Guest15630643
    well im 11 and i can only wear lip gloss and powder my mom wont let me wear "REAL" makeup untill im 13
  113. Guest15433720
    Yeaaaaaa....I'm eleven and when my mom is like in the room sometime i say like, Can i wear mascara and blush yet?....we'll talk bout it later....but mom, only a little? I'm still trying to make her give in! I started wearing LIP SMACKERS when I was only 7 so i think you should let her wear mascara,lip gloss,blush and a light eye shadow. Only a little though
  114. Guest15381529
    im 11 and i wear make up but its fine as long as she dosent look tto old for her age or anything like eyeliner and mascara.
  115. Guest15226318
    I am 11 years old and i used to get really embarrased if i had a small spot so i asked my mum and she said i could wear concealer the only problem is wen i try to hide the spot my mum says its to much so i say yes let her wear makeup but not too much and not to little
  116. Guest15120066
    hey i am 11yrs old and i wear make up a lot like fountion bowser blush lipgoss never EVER leave the house w/ out my eye linder and shddow on !!
  117. Guest14792777
    Yeah! But not too much! I'm 12, and will be 13 in february and im still not allowed to wear makeup it drives me nuts! I can only wear lip gloss and lip balm stuff!Ugh its so annoying being the baby of the family because your parents wont let u grow up!!!!!!!
  118. Guest14684938
    i think so, but start off small with lip glosss, eye shadow, and maybe some mascara. Not too much though! I don't think she should start wearing eyeliner till 12-13 :] Just my opinion
  119. Guest14666302
    I'm 11 and I wear random stuff. I'm mature for my age too :)))) I wear random stuff on random days. Today, I'll wear mascara and eyeliner, tomorrow, I'll wear blush and eyeshadow :)
  120. Guest14655798
    i would say for sure when i was 10 or 11 i started wearing eyeshadow and mascara and all the so i would let her if i was you and umm also i have a question for you she is your daughter not anybody else s so why r u asking people online that dont know you cant you make a decision for yourself
  121. Guest14650335
    If she really wants to i think you should give her a chance. im turning 13 and make-up is a really big deal to kids our age. she might be feeling left out if peers at school get to try it out. start off with some lipgloss and mascara and work your way up
  122. Guest14650109
    i think she should be able to wear mascara or when i was younger my mom went to the store and bought clear mascara and an eyelash curler and told me thats what i could wear it worked
  123. Guest14628484
    yup im tweleve and my parents wont let me but i only want to do it to have fun and experiment and get my selfestem up. i only want to wear eyeliner,masscare alittle eyeshadow and maybe blush but i do blush all the time so yeah lether go for it but only let her wear ight natural colors. and these comments will definetily let my parents allow me to wear makeup.(thats what i want for christmas lol) p.s and im 12 turnin 13 in the 7th grade
  124. Guest14465405
    yes it will make her feel more self confident.
  125. Guest14251761
    well i am 11 and my mom lets me wear mascara,powder,lite eyeshadow,concealer for under eye circules or for a zit i mean she lets me because when my mom was little she went to my grandamas bathroom putted make up washed off my grandma wouldnt let her use it so she use to put make go to the store until she was old in oof for it
  126. Guest14064979
    Im having the same issue with my 13 year old. My thought is to allow lip gloss whenever, but only to add color on special occasions. Her skin is beautiful at this age, and we shouldnt encourage them to hide under a mask. Just my thoughts.
  127. Guest14054995
    well, maybe just light eyeshadow. I'm 12 and want to, but only want eyeshadow. (light colors only). I'vee been wearing lip gloss since I was 10.
  128. Guest13893837
    it depends on what you think,how much she wants to wear, and how often. try setting a limit on how much. tell her only eyeshadow,mascara, and lip the years go by let her wear a little more until she is old enogh to diside herself. hope this helps!
  129. Guest13590363
    no because when i see a little girl walking around wiht loads of makeup, i think, "wow, they look trashy" so i say no!
  130. Guest13485203
    YES!!!!!! I am 11, and would like to wear mascara, but I have not got up the courage to ask my mom. I don't think foundation is nessisary, unless she has bad skin, but probly not. Im like your daughter, I very matoure, I 5.3 ft., and im only in 5th grade. I realy hope this helps!!!! GOD BLESS!! :) =)
  131. Guest13385147
    okay im 11 and im about to ask my mom if i can start wearing makeup. I fell rly behind bc all my friends wear makeup and my mom says NO! i dont get it but yes i think you should. the only makeup my mom lets me use is a little bit of powder or blush if its a special occasion and to tell u the truth i look horrible with lipgloss but u never no a lotta pple look good with it! hope this helps!
  132. Guest12911948
    yes i think she should , but ceep it limeted. dont let her go over the top. ceep it natural. tip: if she wears to much black she might look goth.
  133. Guest12379531
    yes defnenitly! i know so. but just a little. like some eye shadow and lip gloss.
  134. Guest12379531
  135. Guest12358673
    I think she should only wear a little bit of make-up ,that is hardly visible out of shool she can darken it a bit, but in school nuetral shades and tones will be fine.
  136. Guest12317864
    i think she shood. just not too much. i'm 11 and my mom recently started letting me wear makeup to skool. as a kid of the same age of ur daughter, i think u just need to make the rules clear. my rules r: no mascara, only very lite eyeshadow, no xtrem colors, and no lipstick. i also own alot of makeup, put i use the dark eyeshadow and blush etc. for plays(im in a play every summer). the key is to be very clear on the boundries. plus, u r just like my mom. i only very rarly wore makeup(special occasions) and now i wear just a little bit every day.
  137. Guest12236843
    It't your choice. I am 11 and my friends wear makeup. if she wants to than show her how to only put a little on, to make it look like she isn't wearing any at all. (but make her pay 4 the makeup) I hope this helped you.
  138. Guest12226600
    You should but just not a lot because with a lot It will not look nice before she is using makeup and use it everyday but before that she should have more of an natural look it is very simple and pretty
  139. Guest12192448
    i have same proplem with daughter but she 12 is not that she makeup it that she want to cover some blackhead want is the best clear cream for her
  140. Guest11922964
    too young. why on earth would a 11 yr old girl would want to wear makeup. besides, you better keep an eye on your "extremely mature" daughter.
  141. Guest11809036
  142. Guest11672626
    yeah toattly let her express herself it's let her b true to her self but once she ask for a boyfriend then u guys have to really talk
  143. Guest11516381
    well, I'm 13 and I started wearing makeup at 12. if she is very mature then okay. But it's up to you, your her mom. ;)
  144. Guest11516043
    NO. I was shocked when my 11 year old daughter started 6th grade middle school and all the girls were wearing make up. I thought they looked ridiculous. We are doing an injustice to our kids allowing them to grow up too quickly.
  145. Guest11379781
    yea,i am 11 and i wear foundation and a little mascara but i dont go overbored
  146. D. Jacques
    I think more than the tiniest bit of make-up looks tacky even on an adult, so I would say no.
  147. Guest11347634
    My friends so when they where 10-11 zoo def YEAH
  148. Zak
    the simple answer to do this would be- no. due to there skin being much more sensetive, why would you want your daughter to get into habbits of wearing make-up. personally, i would wait till atleast 16- so she has a full understanding to what shes doing to her face.
  149. Guest11215112
    If shes compfortable wearing make-up and she doesn't go over the top then let have a play round all the girls in my class wear make-up out of school (oh yeah by the way i'm 11) what i like to wear is glitter eyeliner, skin toned eyeshadow, pink lipgloss, mascara and she might want to wear a light blush. But if she starts to wear make-up everyday get her to use a cleasing lotion/moisturiser of a night and morning to clean her pours out. There is **nothing** wrong with girls over 10 wearing make-up its something all girls want to try out. Remember to keep it calm with a light colours! Hope I helped x*x
  150. Guest11174232
    I'm thirteen and no one I know wears makeup- not even 17-year-old teen girls. Maybe, though, that's just the way it is up here Canada... If it makes your daughter comfortable with herself, or if it boosts confidence, then go ahead. Hopefully, she won't rely on it as she grows older to give her self-esteem. You could attempt to give her small amounts of makeup at a time, so she can look forward to wearing makeup at a later age. Start off with only letting her wear a little makeup to special events, like a wedding, or graduation, etc. Begin with a bit of lipgloss, some a little mascara, and a bit of blush. Eyeliner and eyeshadow will only make her look much older than her age. Don't let her look trampy, though! She probably doesn't want THAT kind of attention. But, you're her parent, and you definitely know her a lot better than I do. Whatever you think is fine, is fine.
  151. Guest11157043
    DEFINITELY!! if she's been practicing and wants some freedom let her start with gold and pinks for blush and eyeshadow then mascara and pale gloss. If she has a good hand why not eyeliner??? Just do brown- that's how I started.
  152. Guest10905586
    Well i'm 12 going into 7th grade and I'm going to start this year but I'm just going to put on eyeliner mascara and blush no lipstick and maybe a little bronzer but not to much I think asking to put on makeup at 11 is a little to young because like three gils in my school wear makeup and they are always considdered the s****s and maybe the people in her school woulden't consider her that but they might consider her childish and want to be something shes not. So i thing that is a little to young.
  153. Guest10895009
  154. Guest10867769
    I think at her age, is too young to wear makeup. I believe 13 is the age to let her start. But please tell her to keep it natural... don't let her go overboard! (:
  155. Guest10868537
    well we have a variety of make-up products today and i would prefer only some. i would prefer light colours of pink lipgloss , brown mascara, some light blush, and very light shades of eyeshadow. i suggest stay away from the other heavy make-up at the age of 11 because at this age ur face is natural and beautiful itself and if little girls that age started wearing heavy make-up there would be no cute left on earth! dont wear the REAL make-up until ur 15 or best: 16. and i have anther suggestion even if it wasnt part of ur question! make a makeup list for her and every year add 2 products to it and take her shopping to shop it! anyways i hope my suggestion my suggestions helped! P.S. I am exactly ur daughter's age!
  156. Guest10629590
    of course she should be able to make her happy

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