should a media be money making institution and if not then why our talk shows our entertaintment

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I want to draw attention to a basic issue. There are few institutions which must not be money making institutions but unfortunately in our country all these institutions are the giant’s money making institutions such as education heath and the emerging backbone of any society is none other than media. You being the recognized anchor and journalist in Pakistan, people follow your programs and topics but I have a complaint with that, you do different programs on hot issues but they went in vain right after program ends. You or any other anchor does not do follow-up programs on the same issue so that people can get what is wrong with the issue which was discussed during the show. For instance if we talk on the basic necessity such as electricity various programs have been conducted so far but we are still unaware about the fact that where is the real problem. I am working for a telecom company as a training executive and my aim or the objectivity of my job is the continuous improvement of human resource. We identify the shortcomings, make plans to eradicate them and then evaluate them so that we could see the desired results but if even then we don’t find the required results we run the same practice but in a different way because the objective is to achieve. Now on the same grounds I want to put forward a suggestion for your program. Please conduct a series of programs on one hot issue such as electricity, agriculture (wheat, sugar) and education etc. do it this show on three stages, in the first stage ask responsible people to come over and then ask them to pre4sentv their agenda current projects and their current standing and then future roadmap, ask about timelines. In the 2nd stage monitor and evaluate the information which will be provided by the responsible persons, then ask them to come over and provide feedback for the above analysis. And in the third stage evaluate the performance of the above. This will create sheer awareness for the masses and we in this media will bring a productive change in the minds of people and the leaders.

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