shahdaroba meaning

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shahdaroba meaning

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    "SHAHDAROBA" Translated to English....... It means, "May all your tomorrows be better than your yesterdays" Roy Orbisson sang a song about it.

    Where the Nile flows

    And the moon glows

    On the silent sand

    Of an ancient land


    When a dream dies

    And the heart cries


    Is the word they whisper low


    Shahadaroba, Shahadaroba

    Means the future

    Is much better than the past


    Shahadaroba, Shahadaroba

    In the future

    You will find a love that lasts


    So when tears flow

    And you don't know

    What on earth to do

    And your world is blue

    When your dream dies

    And your heart cries


    Fate knows what's best for you


    Shahadaroba, Shahadaroba

    Face the future

    And forget about the past

    Shahadaroba, Shahadaroba

    In the future

    You will find a love that lasts


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  2. Guest22390212

    Well I was thinking and thinking about what would this word mean and I find both answers some how not convincing .. Jahad and aroba doesnt make sense at all. and the other answer inshallah ya rab it means if God permit only. I dont know I think its from the two words "Shar" and "bara" which means the worse has passed and some how when you say this word it means the future or whats coming should be better.

  3. Guest22385666


    that wrong i speak Arabic and jahad means fight for gad and aroba mean bean Arabic so it do not mean battle


    i think he meant to say (an shalh yrab) Which means if god want

    and we use it to say the future is better if god want and to pray that the future is Better
    that why he said Fate knows what's best for you
    because Moslem's consider god and fate the same and that he he knows what best for you


  4. Guest12951522
    The closest literal Arabic translation might use the two words 'jahad' and 'aroba', which respectively mean 'battle' (like the German 'Kampf') and 'wagon' - the Roman spellings vary. You could possibly infer a meaning (as found in Cindy Walker's song, which closed Mad Men season 3) of 'struggle on', 'keep on keeping on'. A parallel to the philosophy of the song' Three Wheels on My Wagon', or 'Hitch Your Wagon to a Star', etc.. IMHO, that is. Wh the word is used for racehorses, dogs and a US bellydancing troupe I couldn't say. That might be after the song.
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    shahdaroba meaning
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