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Hello I am exchange from Pakistan and I come to country for one year high school and then to college for *hopeful* set building and design. Which college here in Toronto do you know that is good for this? Please help! Just give me an idea, as I have less knowledge about this country and want help regarding set designing.

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  1. John

    Hey Farhad!

    Good to know about your ambitions regarding set construction, which is the appealing and interesting art work these days. You know, all movies and dramas are typically interlinked with good proper set designs. So keep it up and make yourself comfortable with set designing.
    It seems you have potential to start up with this innovative idea, and I am d**n sure you can do a lot of work in the same field as you are quite confident about your ambition.
    Carry one with you work, as if you are interested in college, Sheridan is the best. It is in Oakville, which is only 25 minutes West of Toronto. If you are interested in University Ryerson is the best ... and it is located downtown Toronto, just off Queen Street.
    I am please to give you this information and hope you will find the proper place for you to polish your creative skills in the relevant field.
    To apply

    College -

    University -

    There are PLENTY more colleges that host this program. Fanshaw, George Brown etc. Ryerson is one of the only Universities.

    Good Luck!


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