separating mixture

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what is the best way to present my lesson

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    Distillation Electromagnetic field Evaporation Filtration Centrifugation Decantation Distillation Evaporation Crystallization

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    in a powerpoint
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    SEPERATING MIXTURES: 1. DECANTATION seperation of inslouble solid from liquid by pouring slowly 2. FILTRATION seperation of insoluble solid in a liqiud using filter paper 3. dISTILLATION seperation of soluble and non-volatile solid mixed with volatile liqiud 4. EVAPORATION seperation of soluble solid in a volatile liquid 5. SEDIMENTATION seperation of small insoluble solid in a volatile/non-volatile liquid by resting against a wall. 6. PRECIPITATION the condensation of a solid from a solution 7. CRYSTALLIZATION a method of purifyng a solid 8. FLOTATION seperating insoluble solid in a volatile liquid where the solid floats in a solution i hope it can help your querries...,"
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