semi detailed lesson plan

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semi detailed lesson plan

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  1. Guest14385163
    give me an example of semi-detailed lesson plan?

  2. Ali Abdullah
    HI, Best Answer - Chosen by Voters havent heard the term before but from what i could gather by the term, it could be, a lesson plan which is less intricate that the real one. what we have now might be considered as module as it consists of the detailed on the aims & objectives, target group, the processes and procedures, the delivering methods, pedagogy as such. perhaps the semi detailed lesson plan only contains bits and pieces of that - say a fraction on each but at the end of the day, it is still structured and has a sense of framework. so instead of putting the whole process of a set of induction - maybe a semi one, would just entail the idea of it without detailed descriptions of what a teacher is expected to do during that stage.

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