Procedure of selling home on our own in New York

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Hey there! I am living in New York and planning to move to Las Vegas because of my new job. In this regard i want to sell my house but on my own. I do not want to involve any broker in this matter. Someone please give me some guide line to do this.

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  1. Angelina

     Selling a dwelling is one of the most important lawful transactions you'll ever take part in. It's significant to understand your lawful privileges and realize the process.
    In New York, this entails a seller's agency has, without limitation, the next fiduciary obligations to the seller:
    1. Reasonable care
    2. Undivided loyalty
    3. Confidentiality
    4. Full disclosure
    5. Obedience
    6. Duty to account
    When you've got a grave purchaser, you'll obtain a in writing offer to buy your dwelling, occasionally called a "purchase agreement," or "residential buy agreement."
    Your New York genuine land parcel solicitor or name business will enquire the lawful name of the house you desire to deal, and may find name matters you'll require to understand.
    Your house may furthermore be subject to a "lien," an ascribe on the house to persuade a liability or other obligation.
    In New York, liens on a part of house may include:
    1. Construction or mechanic's lien
    2. Tax liens
    3. Mortgage
    4. Judgment liens
    5. Unpaid municipal utilities (water and sewer)
    6. Lien on separated couple's house to be paid at time of sale
    If the house being traded is established inside the City of New York or the County of Nassau, an added move levy is enforced upon the seller.
    New York, a trader who acquiesces to deal a specific house should manage so except the purchaser falls short to rendezvous all the periods of the buy agreement. This is called "specific performance." If you have second ideas on a specific sale, you'll desire to directly communicate an attorney.

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