Barry Manilow married or still a bachelor ?

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I have my question regarding the one of the most famous and my favourite singer, Barry Manilow. Besides being a famous singer, Barry also happens to be a well-known bachelor, since he had a break-up with Susan Deixler. However, there is news that Barry is secretly married and has newborn twins and that he will make the announcement at the opening of his Vegas engagement so is this true?

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  1. Harry

    First of all, Barry is not married at this time, and secondly he does not have any children. There do happen to be certain rumours and sometimes such rumours spread like wildfire. There is no doubt that Barry being an eminent public figure must be engaged in several close relationships. He has so many friends and most of them are very close to Barry. For this reason it is often seen that Barry joins or is joined by the family members of his confidants. Some people do get the impression that Barry is married and this is something not happened for the first time. Besides, there are certain news sources that keep on disclosing such news, so as to catch the attraction of their readers. This can be big blast that a person who is not married since over forty five years and about to almost jump into his seventies announces his marriage or discloses such a relationship. On the other hand, if a famous person like Barry goes on to marry someone this cannot certainly remain a secret for a long time.

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