Where to get search engine web page samples?

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I need to put a search engine web page in my website. I have no idea how to create a search engine page. Could you please tell me what are the search engines available there and where can I find them?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    There are some search engines given below which are divided into the different types of search engine. You can feel free to make use of this page yourself, if you want to copy the search engine and want to use it as your own starting page for the internet search and can also use these pages in developing you own website. You can download it to your own computer and use the browser functions to set it as your own home page. You can then delete engines or add others to fully customize it according to your own requirements. If you want to use it as a publically available page on your own site, then ensure that you add a copyright notice.
    The famous search engine of Google is
    Another free text search engine is
    The Search Engine of Alta Vista is known as
    The search engine of Teoma is known as
    The free text engine of the Wisenut is known as
    The search engine of AOL has a link
    The search engine of Euroseek has a link
    The search engine of Gigablast is known as
    There are some Index directory search engines as well and one of the most famous one is You can find the complete list of search engines from the following site.

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