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I am taking part in my school’s science fair, and will demonstrate, why sunlight is unable to melt ice, . Though the demonstration of this experiment would not be an issue, but I am having difficulty in looking up for the right reasons that cause this process. Can you help me in finding the details regarding this procedure? I would be grateful for your help in this regard.

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  1. Mitchel

    The reason, behind sunlight failing to melt frozen ice is that it has the power to reflect the sun rays, instead of absorbing them it straight away reflects them. You will be amazed and surprised to know, that almost 90% of the sunlight is reflected by freshly frozen snow. This fact, shows that clean and pure frozen snow is powerful enough to ward off the effects of sun rays, which makes sun helpless in melting the snow. You must be wondering, that if its nit sun, what makes snow to melt away. Dear, it’s a fallacious thought that snow melts on a spring day due to the sparkling rays of sun. It melts in to water, due to the warm air that blows from the sea.
    A point comes when white fluffy soft snow is transformed in to ice; over here the rules of game change. It is observed that clean and clear ice has the capacity to absorb about two-thirds of the sunlight that falls on it. But ice is so transparent, that sunlight needs to penetrate 10 meters or more, in order to get absorbed by the crystal ice cubes, only then the process of melting of ice can begin.

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