Looking for a Sci fi film released in 1960.

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By no means a classic film- I have a lingering memory of a Sci fi film as seen on television in the 1960s. The film was probably 1950/60 vintage. All I recall: a labyrinth and a man secreted away because his development was arrested in the fetal stage, a human tadpole. Any clue as to identifying this picture?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    I think you are looking for the movie The Space Odyssey, it is a science fiction series which consists of four novels and there are two films created by the author from the year 1968 to 1997. It was written by the author Arhtur C. Clarke. The screenplay of the movie was written by Clarke and Stanley Kubrick. It was based on the idea in “The Sentinel”, this is described as alien civilization which left the object on the moon. The 1972 book named The Lost Worlds of 2001 contained material which was not included thoroughly in the film. Clark appeared on the movie Cameo but he was never involved directly with the production of the second film. He wrote his first screen play in the year 2001. There are many science fiction narrative conventions which were involved in a metaphysical tone. The second book which was written in 2010 included the storyline for the following films:
    The Sentinel which was a short story written in 1948
    Encounter at Dawn a short story which was written and published in the year 1953.

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